Shelton Lemasters Cemetery

This cemetery was once fenced in.  Trees are now down and it is badly overgrown with weeds.  There is evidence of unmarked graves, fieldstone markers and the marked ones are very difficult to read.  From Rt 89, turn right on McBride Ridge, take first right and about a mile, turn right.  I could drive so far and then walked up a hill for about a 1/2 mile.  Read August 2005 by Nora Hostutler and Phyllis Cross.



Name Born Died Comment
Lemasters, George W 1857 1934  
Lemasters, Shelton 07/26/1813 01/26/1894  
Lemasters     Beside Shelton, broken & canít read. Possibly Nancy
Lemasters, Sara   05/28?/18-- D/o S A Lemasters (very hard to read)
Lemasters, Emory   09/28/1865 Same stone as Sara
Lemasters, Nancy   10/27/1853 D/o S & A Lemasters, age 17 yr 6 mo 24 days
Lemasters, David   02/20/1861 S/o S & A Lemasters, age 15 years
Lemasters, S A   ?/9/1852 Stone on backside (very hard to read)
Lemasters, Mary Ann 05/06/1861 03/08/1928  
Fieldstone     4 fieldstone around Mary Ann & Hulda
Lemasters, Hulda J   11/10/1883 D/o J A & E (hard to read)

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