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Carlin Cemetery

This cemetery is located up Archs Fork 4.8 miles on the left.  There is a road that goes up the hill.  Take this road for about 40 yards and the cemetery is on the right.  You can see the pine trees in the cemetery from the road.  This cemetery was read in March 1995 by Bill Cunningham.  Additional information provided by Karen Hucko

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Carlin Cemetery tombstone photos

Click the picture on left to see an album of the tombstones in Carlin Cemetery. 

Photos were submitted by Donnie Huggins.

Wyatt, Dora 8 July 1860 15 Apr 1940 w/o Wm. Wyatt; d/o Patrick & Catherine Kilcoyne Carlin
Carlin, Patrick 1821
born in Ireland
1869 same stone as Catherine
Carlin, Catherine 1828
born in Ireland
Apr 16, 1917 same stone as Patrick; Kilcoyne
Carlin, John July 6, 1869 Sep 14, 1954 s/o Patrick & Catherine Kilcoyne Carlin
Carlin, Rosia E. 1892 1894 d/o Wm. & Marg. Wyatt Carlin
Carlin, John J. 1903 Aug 31, 1929 s/o Wm. & Marg. Wyatt Carlin
Carlin, William Jr. May 28, 1899 Jun 14, 1922 s/o Wm. & Marg. Wyatt Carlin
Carlin, William M. Mar 27, 1857 June 4, 1944 same stone as Margaret A.; s/o Patrick & Catherine Kilcoyne Carlin
Carlin, Margaret A. 1858 Dec 16, 1924 same stone as William M.; d/o Andrew & Eliz. Morris Wyatt
Carlin, Madeline R. AB Jul 30, 1925 Apr 18, 2002 Educator, Author; same stone as William J.; d/o Robert & Ethel Hart Shreve
Carlin, William J. AB Jan 19, 1925 Nov 26, 2006 Irish B.S. ER USN, V, WWII, Korea; same stone as Madeline R.; s/o Patrick & Alice Clancy Carlin

Carlin, Alice 1898 Feb 9, 1925 w/o Pat Carlin; d/o Joseph & Ellen McNarry Clancy
Clancy, Ellen Jenette Jun 21, 1858 Aug 22, 1928 same stone as Joseph; d/o James & Frances Smith McNarry
Clancy, Joseph Dec 16, 1856 Apr 14, 1936 same stone as Ellen; s/o Edmond & Alice Daley Clancy