This Cemetery is close to the Grandview School on Friendship Ridge.  After going by the school, turn left on Paugh Ridge and go for about a mile and a half.  The cemetery is on the right side of the road and on a knoll in a cow pasture.  It is fenced but overgrown with multiflora roses.  It was read by Susan Folmar and Lorraine Streetman.  Additional information provided by Karen Hucko


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Paugh Ridge


Paugh, Viola M.

24 Feb 1884

19 Nov 1908

D/o Jason & Samantha Postlethwait Paugh

Paugh, Isaac

26 Sept 1811

6 May 1888

S/o John & Eliz. Postlethwait Paugh

Paugh, Sefrony

19 Aug 1817

5 Jan 1896

D/o Joseph Wade

Paugh, Joseph D.

13 June 1847

30 Jun 1883

S/o Isaac & Safrona Wade Paugh

Marr: Virginia Berrisford

Paugh, Elizabeth

20 July 1843

27 Sept 1861

D/o Isaac & Safrona Wade Paugh

Paugh, George W.

Abt 1856

14 Feb 1881

S/o Isaac & Safrona Wade Paugh

Paugh, Alfred W

27 Feb 1845

11 Feb 1880

S/o Isaac & Safrona Wade Paugh

Paugh, Ulyssus T.

 Abt 1865

7 Sep 1883

18y 2m 12d

s/o Andrew & Sarah Coats Paugh

Paugh, Henrietta Samatha

12 Sep 1859

29 Aug 1903

w.o Jason

d/o David & Matilda Rush Postlethwait

Paugh, Jason

25 Nov 1852

3 Aug 1930

S/o Isaac & Safrona Wade Paugh

One illegible stone




Paugh, Rebecca A.

22 Aug 1841

10 Nov 1844

D/o Isaac & Safrona Wade Paugh

Jason Paugh married Mary R. Elks Yoho about 1907. She is buried at the Highland Cemetery with her husband James W. Yoho

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W 80 45' 11"