Bridge Street Church of Christ


The first services of the Church Of Christ in New Martinsville were held on March 29, 1921 with 15 members, most are now deceased, 1976.  They met in the Ballouz Hall near the Central Grade School. Sometime in 1922 they moved to the Moose Lodge building.
In June, 1923, the members moved to their new building on North Street. The building was built at a total original cost of $10,094.13.
The first full time preacher to work with the church was Edward White, followed by C. D. Beagle,
Ralph Hani In. A. M. Gillespie, Weldon Warnock William Dames, R. W. Manasco, J. H. Bailey; W.
J. Renner, D. S. Hamm, J. H. Bailey; serving the second time, followed by Robert W. Cossin who is presently serving the congregation.
In 1958, with an average attendance in excess of 300, it was decided to build a meeting house in
Steelton. This was accomplished and in September, 1958, the first services were held in the building with approximately 52 members of the North Street church making up the list of charter members. Eight years later with the two congregations working hand in hand, the entire indebtedness of $55,000. was paid in full.
In the fall of 1967, seeing the need of more classrooms and more adequate facilities; a building
program was started. In the spring of 1968 a site was decided upon on Bridge Street. Ground was
broken for the new building on September 14, 1968 and the first service was held in the new building on June 1, 1969. In November 1975, the final payment was made, The total indebtedness of $135,000 was paid by the Bridge Street members.
We now have an active membership of 246 including our sick and shut in with an attendance of 275-290 on Sunday mornings.
The church has had a program on WETZ ever since the station has been broadcasting and it can be heard Mon. - Fri. at 9:45 a.m. The church also has a two-minute message by telephone which Is changed daily and can be heard anytime 24-hours a day by dialing 455-1701.
A cordial welcome awaits you at all of our services.


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