Steelton Church of Christ


The Church of Christ in Steelton had its beginning as a congregation in September 1958; however, as a church, it professes identity with the original church Christ promised to build (Matt, 16:18) and which was established in Jerusalem in the first century on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2) following the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The original members of the Steelton congregation were once part of the nucleus of the Church of Christ which met at North Street for services. However, by 1958, the average attendance totaled in excess of 300 for worship services. In view of this rapid growth and the desire of the elders and members at North Street to fulfill the standing orders of their Lord (Matt. 28:18-20; Mk. 16:15-16), they purchased additional property on Thistle Drive and thereafter established the Steelton congregation with approximately 52 members of the North Street church comprising the list of charter members. Eight years later with great assistance from the older congregation, the church at Steelton was able to pay off its entire Indebtedness of $55,000.

Today, the church at Steelton averages around 125 for worship services. Their present minister, Dillon C. Bayes, has been preceded by 5 other ministers: David Epler, Bob Eddy, Walter Sexton, Ray Dotson and Max King, who was the first minister for the newly established congregation.

In view of the Bi-centennial theme of freedom in this historic year, the Church of Christ at Steelton and elsewhere encourages men to “go back to the Bible” to learn how they can obtain spiritual freedom from sin and from the bondage of men’s precepts. Excited as we are about the celebration this year of our nation’s freedom, this excitement can never equal the thrill and meaning of celebrating our spiritual deliverance each Sunday as we partake of the Lord’s supper and remember Christ’s death for our sins.

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