Five Points, WV


Source: History of Wetzel County, West Virginia 1983

In days long past near where the present Grandview School stands on Proctor Ridge there was a little settlement called Five Points. This was a point where five roads led off to thickly-settled areas. This is now all grown up and these roads, for the most part, are forgotten. At this location was the "Five-Point Saloon", owned by the Hinerman brothers who lived in Cameron. Dr. P. L. Freeland also lived near there and had his office there for many years. (This is all near the Bob Goddard residence.)

One of the roads leading from this spot was Furbee Run Road, which led down over the hills along the Run which emptied into upper Proctor Creek. Many early-day families lived along this road. It was a beautiful, fertile valley. The farms were prosperous and well taken care of.

Nearly every farmer also had a small business on his place, such as a blacksmith shop, grist mill, etc. John Furbee was a blacksmith, wagon maker, owned a large grist mill and also served the district as Squire. The Squire, or Esquire as they were called, serve in the capacity of lawyer. He could sentence or fine a person for a minor crime. The more serious crimes being held over for the circuit judge. Squire Furbee even mined the coal for his shop from his own land.

Others living on this road were Tom Furbee, Squire West, Presley Dunham, George Dunham, Wiley Dunham, James Yoho, Almeda Furbee, Ann Clemens and Joshua Goddard Jr.

For about five miles along Proctor Creek were three small towns and over one hundred families. So, this Furbee Run road led to a very busy area and there were a lot of small business establishments including hotels, general stores and many others. There was a large grist mill known as the Red Mill, owned by William Rogers and operated by his son-in-law Conrad Fair. John Furbee kept an account book in which the names of many of these businessmen were listed as his customers. Some were: Joseph Huff, B. S. Gutherie, J. W. Sibert, Ephriam Martin, Daniel Moore, Michael Gilbert, John Ingold, Jacob Gilbert, R. W. Mayhall, J. M. Rush, Gabriel Postlethwait, Isaac Brock, Harvey Berrisford, J. M. Garrett, J. T. Martin, D. D. Bland, J. M. Brock, Isaac Goddard, Joshua Goddard, Jacob Lafferty, H. H. Hall, H. F. Clark and J. Morgan.

Submitted by Ada Finnicum

As told in part by Millard Dunham

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