Minnie, WV


William Grimm carried mail on horseback from New Martinsville to Pine Grove. Sam Morgan built a store about six and one half miles East of New Martinsville. When he decided to add a Post Office to his store the post office had to be named. He was asked to submit three names to the government and they would select one. Sam had three daughters so he submitted their names: Lottie, Minnie and Adeline. Minnie was chosen. Minnie married Ruben Yoho. Lottie married William Grimm and Adeline married Benjamin Martin. Adeline's daughter, named Minnie, used a red tablecloth to flag a train to warn the men of a landslide covering the track.

James and Ruben Yoho operated the next store in Minnie. Later Robert Kidder built a store and grist mill at the forks of Hupp Run. He became the next postmaster. Others to own the store and Post Office were: Leslie Yost, Thomas Postlethwaite, Leslie E. Watkins and George Taylor. Walter Schamp also owned and operated a store.

Thomas Burgess operated a blacksmith shop near the Robert Kidder store.

Sam Morgan was a squire, Alonzo Boyers was a county surveyor, John Klipstine was a justice and Jacob Schamp was a Circuit Rider.

A two-room schoolhouse was built to replace one that stood on the Klipstine property, one on Hupps Run, one near the Mt. Zion Church on New Martinsville Ridge and the Low Gap School on Turkey Run. Some teachers of the one-room schools were: Agusta Klipstine, John Bonner, Ray Merritt, Walter Schamp, James McGinnis, John Morgan and Ross Ice.

Minnie also had a train depot with two passenger trains each morning and evening from New Martinsville to Clarksburg.

Submitted by Mary Belcher.

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