Rockport, WV


Rockport was located on the forks of Rocky Run where five runs came together.  Endicott Run, Carney Run, one to the mouth of the run where it emptys into Fish Creek, one from Miller's Ridge which was then called Loctus Ridge and one from Kirk Ridge.  Where they all came together was Rockport and where the Grisell Funeral Home was located.  In the 1900's there was a water powered grist mill there owned by Matthew Carney, a blacksmith shop owned and operated by Daniel Church.  A grocery store owned by Mr. Purdy and a saloon.  Families living in that area were John and Eveline Marshall and their twin sons, Ray and Roy and a daughter Mary.  Fred Marshall and wife Rozella Church and a son Harry.  An elderly Mrs. Marshall, widow and mother of John and Fred Marshall.  Mr and Mrs George Myers, son George Jr., and a daughter Anna who married Fred Marshall after the death of Rozella.  Also two older children, Calvin Myers who married Jennie Jolliff and Mary Myers who married a Harris.   Both were living in Moundsville at the time.  Daniel Kuhens and wife Mary Hartley and son Albert and daughters Goldie, Eva and Eathel.

There is no sign of a town there now.  Just a crossroads on a country road in a pretty section of the county.

Submitted to TCR by Mrs. Illa Wise of Cameron, WV.

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