Shenango, WV

Submitted by Mrs. Ethel Briggs


Although few people can even tell you now where Shenango Run is located, prior to World War II, it was home to approximately fifty families. To their descendants, Shenango brings back fond memories and is one of the most important places in the whole country.

We are told the name honors Chief Shenango, as Indian, whose tribe once occupied the area long before white man invaded their domain. This could be just a story.........but who knows for sure??

The people of Shenango worked hard, long hours to make a meager living on the perpendicular hills bordering the narrow, five-mile long hollow along the meandering run. It began near the crest of Allister Ridge, just below the General Store and Post Office owned and operated by Frank and Etta Postlethwait, and eventually joined with Fishing Creek at a spot below Pine Grove. In those days, every foot of the land was farmed. Seemingly, the very nature of the hillside farms being a challenge.

Shenango SchoolTo accommodate the families, there were two schools and a church; Allister School across from the Post Office and Store, and Shenango School located on the McAllister farm. The Methodist Church was a small building on the lower edge of the McAllister. Some families attended Ashland Methodist Church on Ashland Ridge. Some of the family names were: Alley, Brown, Headley, Cross, Myers, Postlethwait, Kirkpatrick, Briggs, McAllister, Jackson, Hawkins, Smith, Grimm, Calvert, Brock, Sayer, Fankhouser, Moffett, Wilkerson, Catlett and many others.

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