John W. Beverlin

submitted by: Joyce Fluharty


John W. Beverlin, Resident of McClelland District, Doddridge Co.
Civil War 18 Dec 1862-15 June 1865, Sgt Co B WV Vol Exempts
Veteran's Pension Record #900013
Proof of Disability 30 Aug 1886
That the said John W. Beverlin while in the line of his duty, at or near Wheeling in the State of W. Va. did, on or about the 15th day of October 1863 become disabled in the following manner, viz:

On or about the 15th day of October 1863 at Wheeling, W. Va. the applicant contracted rheumatism, heart, and lung disease by being exposed to damp weather and living on the damp ground on the Wheeling Island in doing Picket about the time the rebel General Morgan's raid in Ohio, the applicant was in charge of the Pickets and the exposure was continuous for 3 or 4 nights. The said diseases affected the applicant with a stiffness of his joints and a lameness in his limbs with a swelling of knee joints and left shoulder joint and complained of acute pain in his back and limbs; his heart seemed to be affected causing nervousness and rapid palpitation of the same with shortness of breath and spells of smothering and complained of soreness of left side of his breast near the heart, He was also afflicted with a severe troublesome cough with a rattling, wheezing noise and expectoration with frequent paralysis of the same, all these symptoms continued until his discharge and has each year since and exists at the present and he now is and has been each year since discharged, disabled thereafter.

Treated in Company Hospital, acting surgeon John Frizell in charge about three months, Wheeling, W. VA.

John W. Beverlin, Sergeant of West's Company "B" W. Va. Indpt, Exemps, Volunteers enrolled 1 Dec 1862 at Doddridge for 3 years roll to April 30/63 absent on scouting duty during raid.

John W. Beverlin 1st Sergeant Co "I" 6th W. Va. Infantry Vols enrolled 18 Feb 1865 at Wheeling for 1 year, mustered out 10 Jun 1865.

12 Sep 1885 John W. Beverlin age 52, 5' 10 1/2", dark hair, fair complexion, blue eyes.

Pension was $17.00 a month.

In the case of John W. Beverlin Prv and 1st Sgt Co "I" 6th W. Va. Inf, the military records show him born in Tyler Co., Va age 31 1/2, a farmer, blue eyes, dark hair and complexion, 5' 8" in height.


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