Wileyville, WV

from the picture collection of Bill Cunningham


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Fairview School Fairview School, painting by Jean Tustin
Green Valley School Green Valley School, Carney Run
Old Endicott Store Old Endicott Store
John Postlethwaites Boarding House John "Pee Wee" Postlethwaites Boarding House
Pride of Green School Pride of Green School
Pride of Green School students Pride of Green School, group photo: Delberta Myers, Vivian Winland, Karen Hudson, Mary Anderson, ___ Cross, Ruby Ice, Madge Smith, ___ Howell, ___ Cross, Shirley (Winland) Michael, Patty Shriver, Royce Winland, & Mrs. Ruth Rose Steepleton, teacher.
Town of Wileyville Town of Wileyville
Wiley Hotel Wiley Hotel, also called the Heber Building. Later the Tommy Coffield Store. The small white building was an ice house.
muddy road muddy road in Wileyville
Wileyville School Wileyville School

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