Wirt County Cemeteries

Gibson Cemetery

Location:Off Chestnut Run Road
Date Read: 
Submitter:Freda Liz Daugherty

GIBSON, ELZAIAH F	5-11-1854/5-19-1857
      , WILLIAM		9-8-1827/4-29-1899
      , ELIZABETH	4-18-1833/
      , LUKE A		1-14-1876/6-9-1967
      , KATIE B		11-28-1892/4-24-1984

GIBSON, GEORGE G	1858-1929
      , EMMA		4-8-1864/2-18-1907   	NOTE: MAIDEN NAME MCFEE

RUBLE, LUKE C		9-18-1848/12-25-1930  	CIVIL WAR MARKER

GIBSON, EVELYN BERYL	4-22-1921/8-28-1929

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