Hardesty's History of Wirt County


David Deem, captain, wounded September 3, 1863, on West Fork;
B. Taylor Frost, second lieutenant, promoted from sergeant major;
Madison H. Berry, first sergeant;
C. W. Eppeline,
Mordecai Turvey,
James S. Newbanks,
Charles Hubb,
George E. Southall,
Philip R. Smith,
Benjamin F. Berry,
Clark Jaco,
James Frazier,
John F. M. Whiting,
Benjamin P. Marshal,
Maburn Jaynes, missing in action, October 19, 1864;
James G. Graham,
William A. Lagrange,
Alexander W. Barnes,
Austin Athey,
John T. Barnes,
William H. Berry, wounded at New Creek, West Virginia,
     August 4, 1864;
Alonzo P. Bailey,
John T. Bills,
Samuel Braden,
Thomas W. Brown,
Elisha T. Boice,
James S. Breech,
Robert A. Clark,
Isaac Cade,
William Cade,
George W. Chaddock,
Calvin H. Cain,
Peter Deem,
John M. Deem,
John Deem,
George W. Deem, missing in action October 19, 1864;
Michael Deem,
Jacob Deem,
Abram Deem,
Robert F. Evans,
Enoch Frazier,
Isaac M. Gattrie,
Thomas E. Gatewood,
Jas. E. Golden,
Elam S. Heatherly,
Jas. Heatherly,
Albert Hickman, wounded at New Creek, August 4, 1864;
Thomas P. Hickman,
George W. Hoover,
Jacob A. Hoover,
John Hubbs,
James Harris,
George Jaynes,
John Jaynes,
Richard Kennedy,
Harrison Lazier,
Daniel P. Llazier,
Jesse Lee, wounded at Cedar Creek, October 13, 1864;
Walter W. Locker,
Jeremiah Melvin, wounded at Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864;
B. D. Lagrange,
Wm. D. Newbanks,
C. B. Nutter,
Elias Ogden,
Richard T. Paul,
John Patterson,
James Patterson,
Amos Perrin,
Francis M. Page,
David Robinson,
John W. Riley,
Jeremiah Riddle,
Elias C. Rush,
William Smith,
John D. St. Clair,
J. Shuttlerworth,
Fuller Stanton,
David Stewart,
Thaddeus Sutton,
Granville Stuttler,
Jas. D. Stanley,
Wm. H. Sams,
Samuel Tenant,
Henry Truman,
George Turvey, wounded at New Creek, August 4, 1864;
Jefferson Uhl,
Abraham Verdon,
T. W. Verdon,
Edward B. Wood,
John T. Wood.


Philip F. Poe, dismissed;
Thos. G. Robinson, resigned, April, 1863;
John A. Arnett, for disability;
Samuel Gattrill, for disability, April 7, 1863;
Chas. H. Hemphill, for disability, April 7, 1863;
William A. Kennedy, for disability, March 1, 1864.


Dudley Athey, of disease, September 12, 1864, at New Creek, 
Henderson Barnes, of disease, September 25, 1864, at New Creek;
Sylvester Berry, killed in action at New Creek, August 4, 1864;
William Deem, of disease, August 8,1864;
James M. Hustead, killed in action at New Creek, August 4, 1864;
James Jaynes, committed suicide near Clarksburg, April 12,1864;
Malin E. Kearnes, committed suicide near Clarksburg, April 12, l864;
David K. Page, Jefferson Pierce, of disease, April 12, 1863;
Martin Stuttler died of disease, April 12, 1864;
Percy Steele died of disease, April 18, 1864, at Clarksburg;
William Williams, of disease, September 28, 1864.

Aggregate, 117 men.

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