Hardesty's History of Wirt County


This district is bounded east by Clay, south by Elizabeth, west 
by Tucker, and north and northwest by Wood county. The
Little Kanawha river flows centrally through the district.
Standing Stone creek enters from the east and discharges its
waters into the Kanawha a short distance above the town of

The first cabin was built by Hyatt Leisure on the right bank of
the Little Kanawha river, just below the present site of the town
of Newark, in the year 1803. Thomas Prebble, Isaac Enoch,
Jacob Deem, Richard Lee, and William Dent came and found
homes the same year.

The first white child born within the limits of the district was
Rusia Leisure, a daughter of Hyatt and Mary Leisure. The first
matrimonial alliance was formed between John Foster and Annie 

The first grist mill was started about 1804 by Isaac Enoch. It
was constructed of logs and, and propelled by water power. He
several years later erected a saw mill in connection with it. 

The first school was taught by a man of the name of Johnson
Timms, at Silver run, in the year 1811. He taught what was
then known as a "subscription" school, by which is meant that
the teacher bound himself to give instruction in "reading, 
writing, spelling and arithmetic as far as the single rule of three,"
in consideration of which he received a stated sum per scholar, and
in addition was "boarded 'round among the scholars." He was
but the representative of that peculiar class of men known as the
pioneer "schoolmasters," which even the pen of an Egleson has
descended to burlesque. They were the men who in that early
day decided almost every question - legal, theological and other-
wise, and usually from their decision there was no appeal. These
were the men -- though we may be unable to realize the fact at
the present time -- that laid the foundation of our splendid 
educational institutions, now the chief cornerstone of our civiliza-
tion. There are now six good frame school buildings in the district, 
all of which are properly furnished, and in which competent teach- 
ers are employed from four to six months in the year. The first 
church was organized by a minister of the M. E. Church, of the 
name of Reece Wolfe. Among the first members were Hyatt
Leisure, William Beauchamp and Richard Lee. There are but 
two small villages in the distiict, viz.: Newark aand Greenville, 
the former situated on the right bank of the Little Kanawha, four
miles above the mouth of Hughs river. It contains two stores, a
hotel, and about a dozen dwellings. Greenville is on the right
bank of Hughs river, two miles from its junction with the
Kanawha. It contains one store, a school building, and a half
dozen dwellings.

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