Hardesty's History of Wirt County


Is bounded on the northwest by Wood county, northeast by 
Elizabeth district, southeast by Reedy, and southwest by Jackson 
county. The streams are: Lynn Camp creek, which flows in an 
easterly direction, and empties into Reedy creek. It takes its
name from a rude cabin or "camp," which was constructed upon
its banks by hunters nearly a century since. It was built entirely
of lynn logs. Tuckers creek rises in the southern part of this
district, flows northeast, passes through Elizabeth, and discharges
its waters into the Little Kanawha. It was named in memory of
a man of the name of Tucker, an early settler upon its banks.
Left Hand fork flows northeast and empties into Tuckers creek.
The soil is principally limestone and clay. Good building stone
is found, and on Whetstone run - a tributary of Tan Trough run -
there is a quarry of excellent whetstone. The timber is oak,
poplar, walnut, beech, ash, hickory, pine, etc.

The first settlers in the district were Lewis Ott, James Wood-
yard, Jonathan Steele, and Thomson Gates. The first cabin - if
we except the one for which Lynn creek was named - was built
by Lewis Ott in the year 1818. Lawrence King, Thomas King,
and Andrew Board were other early settlers. The first grist mill
was erected by William Lockhart many years ago. It was only
a "corn cracker," and stood on Lynn Camp creek. There is now
one good flouring mill, erected in 1882 by Morris & Vernon. It
is a frame building, 40x45, and forty-nine feet in height. It
contains all the latest improved machinery, and the farmers say,
"does excellent work." At the same time they built a saw mill,
the first erected in the district.

The first school was taught in the house which William
Courtney now lives, by a man of the name of James Hall, in the
year 1848, at which time there were twenty pupils in attendance. 
The first public school building was erected in 1864 near the farm
now owned by Cornelius Hill. It was known as the "Martin
School-house." There are now seven in the district - five frame,
and two hewed log. The oldest one now standing is at Savage
Point, built in 1865. The enrollment in all the schools of this 
district in 1882 was 543. Morris postoffice - the first in the 
district - was established in 1882.

The first church was organized in 1847 by Rev. Francis Guthrie.
The members then composing it were Jonathan Steele, Mary
Steele, Elizabeth Steele, John Bennett, Jane Bennett, Eli Bennett,
Catharine Bennett, Jeremiah Sargeant, Joseph Bennett, Arnold
Bennett, Thomson Gates, Sarah Gates, John Wim, William Ball
and Mary Ball - fifteen in all. In 1848 they erected a hewed log
church. It has, like many of those who once worshipped within
its walls, long since passed away.

The Mount Moriah Baptist Church on Tuckers creek was the
second organized. It was instituted in the year 1863 by the Rev.
M. B. Edmondson. The third was the Dunkard Church, organized
with six members by Bishop John Wise, in 1864. The present
ministers are Christian J. Showalter and John Gault. They have
a hewed log church, 20x28 feet, and a membership of thirty-five.

There are at present six church organizations in the district, 
viz: One Baptist. They have a frame building, 30x36, erected in 
1868. Rev. G. A. Bussell is the present minister. Membership, 
thirty-nine. The Methodists have a hewed log building, 28x38,
erected in 1877 ; Rev. J. T. Chenowith is the present pastor.
Membership, fifty-eight. The United Brethren have a hewed log
building, 30x36, built in 1870; the present minister is the Rev.
Thomas Rymer. The present membership is 33. The Baptist
Church at Lynn Camp, organized in 1880, worship in the school-
house, have a membership of twenty six; M.B. Edmondson,
pastor. The Christian Church was organized at Savage Point
school-house in 1881; the membership is sixteen; they have no
regular pastor. Rev. David Martin is an occasional speaker. The
first Sabbath school was organized in 1865 by Levi Price at the
Mount Moriah (Baptist) Church, with twenty-one pupils in
attendance. There are three in the district at present, as follows:
The United Brethren school on Tuckers creek. The superintendent
is George C. James. The Hickory Grove school at Hickory
Grove school-house, William Davis is the present superintendent.
Of the M. E. school John McVey is superintendent, and Peter
Deem, S.T. Hill, Carrie Toncray and John Lyons are teachers.
The average attendence is thirty-five.

There are three "country" stores in the district. The population
in 1880 was 1400.

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