Hardesty's History of Wirt County


Is bounded on the north by Tucker and Elizabeth districts; east
by Burning Springs and Spring creek; south by Roane county,
and west by Jackson. Left Hand Reedy is the principal stream;
it flows in a northerly direction, through the eastern part of the
district. Right Hand Reedy runs north by east, and empties into
Left Reedy. Somervilles fork, Fulls fork, Big run and Thomas
run are tributaries of Right Hand Reedy.

The first settler was a man of the name of John Shepherd; he
located and built the first cabin in 1806; he erected it on the bank 
of Left Hand Reedy. In 1807, John Conrad, Peter Conrad and 
John Hartley found homes beside him, and in 1808 John Smith 
joined them. Other early settlers were W.R. Wells, Samuel 
Somerville, John Boggs, John Baker and George Owens. The 
first white child born within the limits of the district died in in-
fancy, living but a few hours. John Shepherd and Mary (Wilson) 
Shepherd were the parents' names. The first marriage was that 
of James Shepherd and Margaret Lockhart.

The first grist mill was erected on the waters of Right Hand
Reedy, by John Conrad, in 1810; it was a small water mill,
designed for grinding corn only. The first saw mill was built
near the site of the first grist mill, by Fidillus Ott, date not

The first school was taught about the year 1818, by Dr. Ray, a
near relative of William Ray, professor of mathematics in Amherst
college, and author of a series of mathematical text books. The
building was a log cabin, constructed of beech and lynn logs, such
as men could carry. It stood on the bank of Right Hand Reedy,
just above where the M. E. Church (South now) stands.

The first postoffice was located on Right Hand Reedy and called

The first sermon was preached by a Methodist minister, at the 
cabin home of John Smith, on Thomas run, in the year 1813, but
no society until about 1818, when the first class was formed, the 
members being William Shepherd and wife, Isaac Lockhart and
wife, Peter Conrad and wife, Samuel Shepherd and wife, Diana 
Smith, John Smith and wife, Susan Somerville, Rebecca Somer-
ville and Elizabeth Smith. Of the second church the writer could 
learn nothing, because of its transient existence. The third was
the Zion Baptist Church, of which the Rev. T.H. Cain is the 
present pastor, and D.A. Conrad church clerk; membership is 
twenty-two. The first Sabbath-school was organized in 1856, and 
continued until 1861, when it disappeared before the clouds of 
civil war. It was under the supervision of Robert Woods, now 
of happy memory.

Pewee, situated on upper Right Hand Reedy is the only village
in the district. It was laid out in 1879, by Daniel Cain. It con-
tains a grist and saw mill, two stores, two blacksmith shops, and
is the home of two house carpenters and one surveyor.

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