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Cemeteries Page

Wood County, WV Genealogy

Buckley Chapel Cemetery

Contributed by Teresa Fordyce

Take CR #17 out of Belleville for approximately 4.5 miles. The cemetery will be right along the left side of the road just past Wolf Run Road. This is a small abandoned cemetery that was last used in 1946. The property at one time was owned by the Pryor and Buckley families.

There are two sections to this cemetery, one being up on the hill to the left, about 150 feet. The upper portion is behind where the Buckley Chapel Church sat. The church has been gone for many years. The upper section cannot be seen from the road. The grounds have not been kept for many years, and are overgrown with weeds. Several of the stones in the lower section have fallen over and/or are broken. This is a complete transcription. I first walked and transcribed this cemetery on Aug 3, 2003. I have revisited again on May 23, 2004.

Amos, Bulah B
b. Jun 9, 1901, d. Jul 13, 1902
d/o William B. and Sarah Burdette Amos

Amos, Sarah (Burdette)
b. 1864, d. 1942
w/o William B. Amos

Amos, William B
b. 1855, d. 1946
s/o Benjamin and Susannah Eaton Amos

Bowman, Mary Bell
d. Jul 13, 1872, aged 8y 11m 29d
d/o Lena and Smith Bowman, (not positive of “aged”, stone is broken and has fallen over)

Buchanan, Ann
b. Dec 26, 1865, d. May 25, 1917
w/o J.R. Buchanan

Buchanan, J. R.
b. Sep 3, 1861, d. May 5, 1939

Buckley, Caroline V
d. Dec 10, 1881, aged 31y 9m
w/o Samuel G. Buckley, d/o William and Caroline Beckett

Buckley, Eliza Jane
b. Dec 23, 1815, d. Nov 13, 1871
w/o Harrison W. Buckley
(stone is broken and has fallen over)

Buckley, George W
d. Jul 11, 1851, aged 1y 6m 29d
s/o H. and E.J. Buckley
(not positive of “aged”, stone is very worn)

Buckley, Harrison Wade Hampton
b. Feb 11, 1812, d. Aug 10, 1891
s/o John and Jane Chappell Buckley
(said to be buried here, but I found no marker for him)

Buckley, John M
b. Mar 1839, d. Dec 8, 1912
s/o Harrison and Eliza Jane Buckley
(said to be buried here, but I found no marker for him)

Buckley, Nancy E
b. Nov 29, 1849, d. Mar 26, 1887
w/o William Buckley
d/o William and Caroline Beckett

Buckley, Sarah Jane
b. Mar 17, 1842, d. Oct 31, 1925
w/o John M. Buckley
d/o Michael and Lucretia Ann Mills Boso
(said to be buried here, but I found no marker for her)

Clegg, Elizabeth (Wise)
d. Sep 23, 1910, aged 81y 6m
w/o Thomas Clegg

Clegg, Rachel (Conner)
d. Aug 26, 1893, aged 83 years
w/o John Clegg

Clegg, Thomas
b. Jun 26, 1826, d. Dec 23, 1898
s/o John and Rachel Conner Clegg

Cochran, Sarah
b. 1831, d. 1925
w/o William Cochran
d/o Thomas and Martha Hughes Morris

Cochran, William
b. 1830, d. 1905

Eaton, Alice G
d. Nov 24, 1888, aged 1y 10m 29d
d/o J.H. and R. A. Eaton

Eaton, John Harman
b. May 15, 1856, d. Mar 3, 1943
s/o Samuel and Mary Harman Eaton

Eaton, Mary Catherine
d. Feb 10, 1884
aged 36y 3m 19d
w/o Franklin Eaton
d/o William and Caroline Beckett

Eaton, Rachel A. (Adams)
b. Oct 23, 1859, d. Mar 27, 1934
w/o John Harman Eaton

Eaton, William
d. Mar 7, 1877
aged 28y 10m 12d
(stone is broken and has fallen over)

Eckels, George W
d. Dec 27, 1872
aged 42y 4m 26d

Emrick, Elizabeth L
b. Jan 19, 1860, d. Jun 14, 1893

Flinn, George W
d. Jun 27, 1875
aged 25y 7m 17d
(stone has fallen over)

Flinn, Gregory
b. Sep 29, 1856, d.

Flinn, Serah A
d. Jan 8, 1893
aged 71y 10m 21d

Flinn, Serah C
b. Apr 9, 1844, d.

Foraker, Elizabeth A
b. Sep 3, 1851, d. Jan 6, 1912
d/o Samuel and Mary Harmon Eaton

Foraker, William
b. Feb 3, 1847, d. Nov 17, 1903

Lowrey, Mary
d. Nov 19, 1856
aged 37 years
w/o John M. Lowrey

Marlow, Sarah C
d. Apr 19, 1862
(couldn’t read aged)
w/o John Marlow

Muhlbaugh, John
d. Jul 1, 1883
aged 1y 26d
s/o P. and M. Muhlbaugh

Pryor, Emily
d. Nov 2, 1892
aged 40y 9m 4d
w/o R. Pryor

Pryor, Emma Jane
b. Mar 14, 1875, d. Apr 17, 1896
w/o Wilson Pryor

Pryor, Margaret G
d. Jan 19, 1886
aged 8m 18d
d/o W. and E. R. Pryor

Pryor, Rebecca Caroline
b. Nov 9, 1877, d. Apr 27, 1901
w/o Wilson Pryor

Spery, Harry L
b. Nov 25, 1905, d. Oct 1, 1910
s/o F. R. and M. F. Spery

Tebay, Robert A
b. Jul 3, 1878, d. May 18, 1904

13 unmarked graves
(may be more, but these were obvious)
7 Marked only with rocks
2 concrete markers with no information