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Wood County, WV Genealogy

"Some Pioneer Cemeteries of Parkersburg
And Wood County"


There is another pioneer graveyard lying well back from the Ohio
River, and about a mile farther down than the old Lewis home.

It is up on a little point by the side of a small hollow, which cuts
down from the table lands of the second bottom to the lower
grounds below.  It lies on Francis Keene's (east) side of the line
dividing the lands of Keene and George Neale, and back of an old
tenant house - once the schoolhouse of that district.

The graveyard is now out in a pasture field, and no care is taken
of the graves.  There has been a large locust tree growing among
the graves, but it was broken down in the storms of last summer.

I noted these names:
William F. Adams, A. M., killed on the steamboat Motto, on the
9th of August, A. D., 1856, in the twentieth year of his age.
*Adams marked out and Davisson penciled in.
Sacred to the Memory of Elizabeth, consort of David Creel, died
April 15th, 1833, aged thirty years.
(She was a daughter of George Neale, a granddaughter of George
Lewis, and a sister to Sarah Neale, wife of Alex H. Creel.)  A sand-
stone slab graven with a long verse covers the top of the grave.
George Neale, born January 10th, 1772 - died July 24th, 1853,
aged eighty-one years, six months.
Sarah (Lewis) wife of George Neale, born April 29th, 1771 - died
April 5th, 1863.  (Either the date has been 1857, or she has been
over ninety years old.)
Elizabeth S. Neale, wife of George Neale, born September 6th,
1803 - died March 11, 1836.  He was George Neale, Jr., son of
George, she, a daughter of Jonah Lewis, his uncle.
Lucy, daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Neale, died May 17th,
1821, aged thirteen (age probably incorrect).
Another child died in 1823.
(Lewis Neale married Elizabeth Kincheloe in 1815.)
Charles D., son of D. S. and E. Laughlin, November 11th, 1830 -
December 21st, 1861.  (His mother was a daughter of Sandy Creel.)
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On the spur of land near where it leaves the ridge dividing Dry
Run and Berry's Run, on a gentle swell between the heads of two
hollows, putting into Berry's Run, and a half mile or more from the
Old Dils Mill site, was the log cabin built by Jeptha Locker, about
1830, or earlier.

He bought here one hundred fifty acres of land, of M. Chapman,
for Sixty-five Dollars, receiving a deed dated July 7th, 1829.  As
it was very common to buy land in pioneer days, receiving
possession under Title Bond several years before the date of
deed, he may have been here as early as 1824 or 1825.

There is an old cedar tree and three cherry trees standing in a
row, planted nearly one hundred years ago, in the front yard, and
now over tow and half feet in diameter.

A fourth cherry tree was blown down by the win in 1923, and a
fifth grew down under the hill by "the spring", the determining
factor of the site of pioneer cabins.

Along the side of the garden nearby, and out a little ways from
the old cabin, is an old private burying ground, with eight graves
still traceable.  There are two old flagstone markers (1816) with
inscriptions rudely chiseled -

Jephtha B. Locker, died November 17th, 1848, aged fifty-four
years, ten months.
Eliza Ann, daughter of J. B. and F. Locker, died May 14th, 1839,
aged six years.
The other graves are the wife and children.

Locker was married to Fannie McPherson on August 19th, 1819,
and the farm was bought adjoining her father.

Fannie, a daughter of Locker's, married Richard Lee Morrison,
in 1849.  She inherited the farm, and it was divided, at her death,
between her sons, William and David.

Morrison was a son of Hamilton Morrison, and his mother the
daughter of Richard Lee, of the Lee's Hill farm.
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I visited Lubeck and Bethel cemeteries late in the fall of 1922.

The Lubeck graveyard lies on eighth of a mile,perhaps, west
of the Southern Methodist Church, on one of the wide white
clay flats that surround that village, and at the head of a run
which empties into Sand Creek, which joins the Ohio River
above Newberry Island.

It was in bad repair, much of the ground being standing in dry

I noted no very old inscriptions, though, as everywhere, there
were many graves without names.

H. F. Pahl, March 2nd, 1883, aged forty-one years, one month.
George C., son of F. and G. Beckwith, January 24th, 1864.
Emma Buckley, 1883, age twenty-six.
H. W. Buckley, 1891, age seventy-nine.
Wiliam T. Peden, 1885, aged forty-eight.  In Buckley row.
Charles Hunter, Co. G., 6th W. Va., 1820 - 1880.
Sarah H., his wife, no date coped.
Linas Pahl, June 1856 - 1894.
Edith, a child of J. R. Leachman, 1883.
Clarabell, wife of T. J. Woodyard, and daughter of J. E. and
Polly Hall, 1865 - 1884.
The Schmidt monument carries the names of "Mother 1825 -
1911, Father 1831 - died 192-".
Harman 1867 - 1910.
Powell, 1867 - 1910.
Vau.  (living when monument was erected.)
Sarah E. Toothaker, wife of T. F., 1837 - 1891.
Archibald Matheny, 1814 - 1904.
Ann Clark, his wife, 1811 - 1892.
In same row, Abigail Gates, 1844 - 1882.
A child of J. A. and E. M. Gates died in 1894.
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(The Walker Cemetery)

A short distance below the old Lewis graveyard at Lock Nineteen,
lying back nearly a half mile from the river, and on a little point
south of the stream which crosses the road of today, is an old
private or family graveyard known locally as "the Walker Cemetery".

Like nearly all family burying grounds which have passed out of
the hands of the immediate household, it is in a sadly neglected
condition, stones and markers are mostly broken down, or leaning
at all sorts of angles, some I had to pry from beds prone in the earth,
and gouge and scrape away the earth, roots and rubbish that hid
the inscriptions.

The ground was a tangle of trees, brush, briers and weeds.  The
earliest date is 1841, the latest 1897.

I noted the names, but not always the graves, of:
Eddie Lee, second son of B. and K. M. Walker, died 1872, aged six.
Angeline, wife of Benjamin Walker, died June 29th, 1854, aged
Johnnie, son of B. and A. Walker, 1844, seven days.
Vesta, 1841, a child.
Amanda, June 20th, 1847, one year old.
Other gravestones are marked:
"Our Father, John McDougle, December 5th, 1805 - February
15th, 1861, aged fifty-six years, two months."  (I think fifty-five
the correct age.)
Joannah McDonald (Is it McDougle?) August 16th, 1854, aged
fifty-seven years, three months.
Elizabeth, wife of A. J. Packard, April 24th, 1839 - March 4th, 1897.
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There is an old graveyard lying on a little point by the side
of the river road, just below the mouth of Sandy Creek, and
between the Ohio River and Sandy bottom lands.  It is small,
and surrounded by trees or three sides.  It is covered with a
dense sod of grass, and has many marble gravestones, mostly
blackened and difficult to decipher.

It seems to have been the burial place of a German colony,
and nearly all the names were German.  I did not note the name
of Meldahl, whose home was just below.

Some names copied were:
Henry Seestaedt, 1839 - 1857.
Nicholas Seestaedt, December, 1803 - February 27, 1886 (perhaps.)
Dora Seestaedt, July 28, 1890.  Aged 79 years.
C. Weisenberger.  Aged 40 years.
__________ Manck.
Roy Zahrndt, 1892 - 1920.
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And, departing, leave behind them
Footprints on the sands of time.

Mount Moriah Church and cemetery are situated on middle
Worthington Creek, on the St. Mary's Pike.

The church stands above the road, at the top of a very steep
rise, and at the end of what is known as the old brick pavement.
The church is reached up a narrow drive, which rises steeply,
but the ground levels off at the top of the grade, and the church
is on a level plateau, or lower flat, and the cemetery lying to the
east, or front of the church, is ideal with its gradual light slope
two ways, making a natural drain.

The church stands in a grove of tall trees, mostly oak, which
make a pleasant setting for any church or cemetery.

I have often been in this cemetery in late evening or early
twilight when the last sleepy bird was twittering, and the
whip-poor-will calling.  Surely this would be a peaceful place
to lie at rest.

On some of the stones, I noticed:
Susan, wife of Edward McPherson, died 1888, aged eight-five.
She was a daughter of Jesse Kincheloe, and lived on the farm of
which the graveyard was once a part.
Of their children I noted:
Angeline Baxter, wife of John, 1829 - 1896.
John A. Baxter, 1824 - 1836.
Elizabeth, wife of A. B. Wells, 1832 - 1904.
Austin B. Wells, Co. D, 11th W. Va.
Charles W. Wells ( a son) 1879, aged twenty-three.
Jacob Hoover, 1878, aged twenty-nine.
Monroe McPherson, 1840 - 1912 - A Union soldier.
William McPherson, born 1842.
Mary Jane, his wife, 1844 - 1923.
Mary A., wife of Jacob Affolter, 1850 - 1895.
David McKibben, March 4th, 1816 - February 24th, 1915.
Susannah, his wife, born October 13th, 1825 - died February
6th, 1907.  He was ninety-nine years, eleven months and ten
days old.
Josiah Ashby, 1881 - 1910.
George Wilson, Jr., 1856 - 1916, a son of William Wilson, of
Jerrie's Run.  Probably the father who died about 1922 is
buried near.
Ruth Pierpont, 1887 - 1919.  Lived at head of Johnson's Run,
originally Big Run.


Added Note
It is in this cemetery that the author of this historical record
is buried, near one of his beloved trees.
John A. House, April 10th, 1854 - October 30th, 1938.
Born in Monroe County, Ohio, son of John and Jane Connor
House.  By his side, his wife, Sarah Katherine, a daughter of
Jacob B. and Elizabeth Walker Smith, born December 14th,
1858 - died June 25th, 1930.
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This burial ground is on top of a point by the side of the
"Lower Belleville" road, with no fence between.  It has
originally been back in a field, until the addition to it was
made several years ago.

There is a long row of Satow graves, with tall headstones of
uniform pattern, except as to one, and of bluish marble with
cut letters, seemingly all placed at one time.  One at the head
of the row is at what might be termed as yet an unused grave,
and bears the legend -
"William Satow - 1848, Co. E. 1st W. Va."  He lives in the City
and is one of the very few "boys in Blue".  A flag on a grave at
the south end of Satow row is the only indication of the sleeper
Annie Satow, wife of William, 1851 - 1933, is next to William.
Allie, 1890, aged seventeen.
Then, six other graves of their children.
At the end of the row, a white marble shaft is inscribed:
"C. A. Satow, May 5th, 1844 - June 6th, 1920, Co. E., 1st W. Va."
Other inscriptions are:
James T. Huff, Co. K., 6th W. Va. Cav.
Randolph Luber (?) 1847 - 1913.
William White, August 6th, 1852 - December 11th, 1892.
Homer Beadle, February 26th, 1824 - June 1st, 1871, a flag at the
John McIlirane, Co. C., 88th Pa.  Government stone.
Mary, wife of T. C. Leachman.
A mound with no marker, except his country's flag.
Henry J. Hall, 1831 - 1875.
Elizabeth Hall Hutchinson, 1837 - 1904.
Elisha D. Hall, Co. D., 140 O. V. I.
Another grave with a flag the only marker.
Sarah J., wife F. M. Bose (Boso? Rose?)
Henry A. Man, Co. B., 14th Ill. Cav.
August Lieber, Corp. 10th W. Va.
W. J. McPherson, 1851 - 19--  (uncut)
Susannah, his wife, 1854 - 1911.
Next grave north has only a flag.
Thomas Jack, 1814 - 1911.
J. C. Tompkins, born Newburyport, Rhode Island, April
26th, 1842, died January 15th, 1886.
Abigail, wife J. P. Leavitt, November 14th, 1806 - March
26th, 1842.
J. P. Leavitt, September 7th, 1800 - October 19th, 1889.
Mary, wife of J. P. Leavitt, June 13th, 1819 - 1887.
G. W. Leavitt, November 14th, 1846 - October 27th, 1925.
George Leavitt, 1880 - 1930, flag.
Lucinda, wife of S. E. Pease, 1814 - 1882.
A large monument with the name Slagle, but no individual
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This burial ground which I visited is of comparatively recent
growth.  It was founded by the Odd Fellows Lodge and occupies
a large field in the bottom near the old Bukey farm.  That part of
the grounds now is use are in the best of condition.

A few names copied are:
Jacob A. Hoover, June 17, 1847 - October 6, 1894.  Co. E. 11th
W. Va. Inf.
Benjamin R. Davis - Co. A. 14th W. Va. Inf.
Henry Myer - Co. D. 51st O. V. I. 1838 - 1910.
Four nearby graves with flags but no stones.
Zoller Mount, with flags.
John L. Mills, with flag.  1837 - 1899.
John H. Dunbar, with flag.
David O. Johnson, with flag.  1844 - 1907.
Thomas Rowell, with flag.  1838 - 1911.
Lena Schrader, his wife.
John L. S. Harness, 1817 - 1877.
Elizabeth, his wife.  1874 - 1905.
John G. Sharpe, 1852 - 1920.
Ida V. Harness, his wife, 1860.
Morgan Henry, 1858 - 1919.
Rev. M. F. Kiger, 1857 - 1922.
N. F. Henry, 1829 - 1908.
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