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Wood County, WV Genealogy

"Some Pioneer Cemeteries of Parkersburg
And Wood County"


I visited the Pleasant Hill Graveyard at the low gap in the ridge
between the heads of Walker's Creek and Isaac's Fork, of Bull
Creek.  The cemetery is on a point at the foot of a high hill, and
the later Pleasant Hill Church is across the road, in a grove of
small trees, and the hill towers behind it.  On the top of a twin
peak across the low gap where nestles the village of Pleasant
Hill, a new oil rig has just been erected.

Here nestling between these two wardens, was in my boyhood
days, the farm of Henry Ewing, and the newly established Post
Office of Deerwalk.

This old man, though he seems to my childhood memory to have
been - say eighty years old when I knew him, was in reality only
sixty-nine when he died, four or five years later.  His family lie in a
long row in the old graveyard, with him at one end and his wife at
the other.

Henry Ewing, December 27th, 1864, aged sixty-nine years, five months.
Jefferson, son of H. and S. Ewing, February, 1858, twenty-one years,
five months.
Jane, daughter of H. and S. Ewing, January 15th, 1857, aged twenty-
five years, ten months.
Ann Elizabeth, daughter of H. and S. Ewing, March 29th, 1852, aged
twenty-five years, seven months.
Mary Francis, daughter of H. and S. Ewing, May 19th, 1849, aged
nineteen years, eleven months.
John, son of H. and S. Ewing, May 11th, 1850, aged twenty-nine years,
one month.
James, son of H. and S. Ewing, June, 1854, aged twenty-eight years,
six months.
Nancy, daughter of H. and S. Ewing, November 10th, 1868, aged thirty-
four years, four months.
Sarah, wife of Henry Ewing, died May 27th, 1876, aged seventy-nine
years, two months.
Elizabeth Gabbert, wife of James Ewing, born March 7th, 1810 - died
1904, aged ninety-six.
Jacob Jones, born January 25th, 1811 - died May 11th, 1849.  He lived
on Stillwesl and was a prominent land speculator of his day.
Morgan Jones died March 22nd, 1853, in seventy-seventh year.
Other Ewings who are buried here are sons of James and Elizabeth
Ewing -
Nathaniel F. Ewing (Fulton), born May 27th, 1850 - died July 11th,
1900 (Asphyxiated in a well.)
Lloyd Ewing, born 1851 - died 1908.
Belle, his wife, 1857 - 1909.
Letitia, wife of John H. Ewing, 1854 - 1916.  She was a Whitlatch.
Noah Whitlatch, August 4th, 1864, aged nineteen.  Co. H., 11th W. Va.
Probably killed in the army.  He was a son of J. and M. Whitlatch.
In 1856, Violetta, a Whitlatch child of ten, died, and in 1872 Flavins,
the son of W. P., one of the younger generation.  If there are any of
the older members of the family, I have missed them in my notes.
Arnold Wellinger, died March, 1864, aged twenty-seven.
Edward S. Leach, August, 1843 - October, 1871.
Richard Mussetter, January 1st, 1798 - April 4th, 1863, evidently the
founder of the family.
ChristopherWeinrich, December, 1854, aged fifty-seven.
John S. Edwards was born in England, August 24th, 1813, died
February, 1864.
Catharine Fauss died 1852, aged sixty-nine.
John Marshall, November 24th, 1851, aged twenty-eight.  The only
one of the large family I noted.
John Standiford was born in Massachusetts, September 25th, 1773.
(A nearby figure reads 1776.)  I got no date of his death.  Probably
he has been Frank Standiford's father, and may have been related to
others in the vicinity.
Joanna, wife of Allen Smith, July 9th, 1857, aged sixty-seven.  A
marble slab lying flat.  Who was she?  (born in 1790)
John W. Riley (Watson) June 30th, 1861, twenty years, eleven months.
He was a son of one of our near neighbors whose house was in plain
sight after the woods were cleared.
William B. Smith, December 20th, 1861, aged nineteen years, two
months.  He was another neighbor boy.  His name was Morrison and
he and a younger brother had been raised by the Smiths, who had no
children of their own, and hence took the name of the foster parents.
William had enlisted in the 11th W. Va., and was in camp at Parkersburg
at the time of his death, when he was hot by a comrade who claimed it
to be an accident.  At his trial, nothing was proved against him.
I will remember the night Smith came up the hill in the middle of the
nights to get my father to go to Parkersburg, seventeen miles away,
with him, but do not remember the burial.
The Death Record for the county has entry -
December 20th, 1861, William D. Smith, born Morgan County, Virginia,
cause accidental shooting.
James A. Kelley, December 25th, 1862, aged forty-nine years,  six
David Gabbert, March 2nd, 1794 - October 9th, 1863.  He was a soldier
and has a flag on his grave, but being well up in sixty when the Civil
War was begun he must have been in the war of 1812, or Mexican War.
Probably he was the father of Dave and Jake Gabbert.
Sylvester Carder, March 10th, 1872, aged fifty-one.
Sarah (his wife) 1872, aged forty-nine.
David Carder, 1856 - 1885, probably a son.  (I have no recollection of
the name).
Jesse Southern, 1827 - 1897.
The south row of graves was near the fence.  On another visit, I copied
the names:
Jesse South, January 15th, 1827 - January 27th, 1897, aged seventy
years., and by it Jeanette South, died January 24th, 1892.
Of the family row, there are fourteen graves -
Jane South, died in 1873, aged sixty-four.
Ur South, September 11th, 1875, aged sixty-four.
Christena South, 1884, aged sixty-two.
Susie South, 1882, aged sixty-five.
Joseph South, 1893, aged eighty.
Bartley South, 1897, aged seventy-seven.
Bailey South, died 1846, aged sixty-five years, six months.
Elizabeth, wife of Bailey South, 1868 - aged eighty-two.
Samuel H. South, born October 1811 - died June 7th, 1867.
Lucinda, wife S. B. South, 1819 - 1897 - aged seventy-seven.
Sarah Ann, their daughter, 1863, aged eighteen.
Jesse, their son, died a child in 1852.
In the same row, perhaps of same - South - family, were:
Elizabeth, daughter of E. and S. Whitlatch (no date - a child).
Martha, daughter of E. and S. Whitlatch, 1862.
William L., son of B. W. and E. W. Barmore, April 20th, 1852,
one year.
Mariah, daughter of Wm. C. and H. Worley, died 1865, a child.
Catharine D. McGuire, daughter of E. D. and L. McGuire.  (Old
Neddy and Lucy) died in 1869 in her twenty-seventh year.
Nancy Collins, 1849 - 1898.  By her side an unmarked grave with
a flag.
Jane Morrison, October, 1811, August, 1885, aged seventy-four.
William H. Morrison, 1841 - 1898, flag on grave.
Catharine, his wife, 1874 - aged twenty-one.
Eugenie, wife of J. B. Wilson, 1851 - 1881.
Garfield, son of L. P. and H. J. Collins, 1898, seventeen years old.
By his side, a grave (no headstone) with American Legion flag.
In the German corner of the Pleasant Hill Cemetery is the inscription
"Daniel Fauss, Beboren, Langenbach Rheinpfals, Deutchland Am
3 June 1820 gestorben Pleasant Hill W. Va., den 2 Apr 1880"  He was
almost sixty years old.
Nearby are graves of Louisa, (1881, age nineteen)  Peter, Daniel
(February 11th, 1871, aged thirty-six years, seven months)  Peter and
Katie Stilzenbaur.
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Honor is purchased by the deeds we do,
Honor is not won until some honorable deed is done.
** Sir Christopher Marlow.

This cemetery adjoins the Cook cemetery.

The Van Winkle lot is just inside the new cemetery, and under
one of the finest elm trees on the grounds.  It is enclosed with
iron railing, and is kept in good condition.

I noted graves of -
Peter G. Van Winkle, September 7th, 1808 - April 15th, 1872.
Juliette, wife of P. G. Van Winkle and daughter of William P.
and Martha M. Rathbone, born July 9th, 1812, died February
10th, 1844.
William P. Rathbone, died December 12th, 1862, in seventy-ninth
Martha M. Rathbone, died November 26th, 1846, in fifty-third year.
Goodwin Van Winkle, born June 1836, died September 22nd, 1883.
John Graham Blackford, November 16th, 1830 - September, 1884.
Mary V., wife of J. G. Blackford, and daughter of Peter G. and
Juliette Rathbone Van Winkle, died February 2nd, 1927.
There are in the graveyard two lots fenced off by the Jacksons,
with tall columns, marking the last resting place of -
John Jay Jackson, 1800 - 1877.  This was General Jackson, who
lived at the corner of Ann and Court Streets.  He was for years
Prosecuting Attorney of Wood County, and one of the leading
business men.  His wife was Emma Beeson.
Judge J. J. Jackson, May 4th, 1824 - September 1st, 1907.  He was
for years Judge of the U. S. District Court of West Virginia.
Harriet Catherine  Gleim, his wife, was born April, 1813.
In the same lot are buried -
Elizabeth, wife of John Gleim, 1791 - 1850.
Elizabeth Gleim Gillum, 1835 - 1882.
Sarah Gleim Hockaday - 1829.
The Gleims were of German descent.  John Gleim, the founder of
the family, kept a "Tavern" at or about the site of the old Spencer
house, corner of Ann and Kanawha Streets.
James Monroe Jackson was born December 3rd, 1825, in Parkersburg.
Died February 14th, 1901.  He was a prominent Wood County lawyer,
and Judge of the Circuit Court for two terms.  He married a Miss
Seelye, of Warren, Ohio, in 1851, and Lucy, daughter of George W.
Kincheloe, in 1864.
Helen Seelye Jackson - 1827.
Jacob Beeson Jackson, born April 6th, 1829, died in 1893.  Was named
for his grandfather, Jacob Beeson.  His wife, Maria, was a daughter of
the great real estate man, Benjamin Willard.
Emma B. Dent, a daughter of J. J. Jackson, Jr., died January 15th, 1877,
in her twenty-second year.
Anna E. Neal, daughter of J. J. Jackson, died January 13th, 1882, in her
fortieth year.
Emma G. Jackson, April, 1800 - July, 1842.
Jane E. B. Jackson, December, 1817 - September, 1885.
Eliza Church Jackson, wife of J. S. Dickinson, born in 1825, died in
1881.  Probably the daughter of J. J. Jackson, Sr.
In north side of the cemetery -
Col. George Jackson, 1833 - 1883  (was a brother of Wm. L.)
Lettie Stinchcourt, 1848 - 1901.
Henrietta B. Stinchcourt, 1805 - 1899.
Rev. Thomas Stinchcourt, 1806 - 1862.
R. W. Jackson, died 1861, aged thirty-four.
Of the Neal family, first permanent settlers of Wood County, I noted
the names of descendants of John Neal -
Cincinnatus J. Neal, born 1803 - died 1859.
Mary A. Collins, his wife, 1817 - 1908.
Two children, one eleven years, the other eleven months old.
George B. Neal, born February 2nd, 1816, died December 24th, 1872.
Name George E. on tombstone.  This was son of John Neal.
Caroline McKinley, wife of George E. Neal, born February 6th, 1829,
died April 13th, 1896.
Maggie Brown.
Edward Martin Neal, a son.
Bettie Neal Bowles (daughter) 1858 - 1910.
Georgia Carr (a daughter) 1868 - 1895.
Elizabeth Neal, daughter of John, married Derrick Pennybacker.
Lawrence Perry Neal, son of John and Ephlis, born in 1814, died in
Mary H. Talbott, his wife, 1824 - 1887.
Daniel Rowell Neal, May 18th, 1805 - April 7th, 1898, aged ninety-two
years and eleven months.
Caroline Bealer Kyger, daughter of George Kyger, born February 22nd,
1808, died August 11th, 1846.  Married D. R. Neal in 1829.  His second
wife was Elizabeth Beeson.
Hardin Neal, December 29th, 1820 - December 16th, 1855.  He was the
fourth child of Nohn Neal, married Elizabeth Collins.  They have two
children buried near him -
H. Neal - 1844.
R. Neal - 1849.
Also Joseph B. Neal, son of H. and E. Neal, October 6th, 1852, aged
James J. Neal, born January 5th, 1824, died November 18th, 1862.
Virginia Harriet Neal Murdoch, daughter of James B. Neal, wife of
John R. Murdoch, born December 12th, 1810, died October 3rd, 1849.
John R. Murdoch, Sr., October 29th, 1804 - December 10th, 1872.
John R. Murdoch, Jr., May 13th, 1840 - September 21st, 1906.
Elizabeth Clark, November 17th, 1816 - 1891.  (Given as wife of John R.
Murdoch - is it senior or junior.)
Harriet, daughter of John R. Murdoch, 1833 - 1907.  Married Thomas
Blackford, born 1827, died 1905.
Richard Neal, April 5th, 1807 - October 11th, 1839.
Elizabeth Cook (wife) 1804 - 1892, eighty-eight years old.
Alfred Neal was a son of Thomas Neal.  He was born March 27th,
1809, died June 30th.
A son of Alfred Neal, and a daughter, Mary Schoeling, are buried in
the same row nearby.
C. E. Neal, Co. E., 1st W. Va., was killed at Romney, February 15th,
In the Riverview cemetery, Tillinghast Cook lands, western part, I note
the graves of -
Isaac Tavenner, 1817 - 1892.
Harriet Tavenner, his wife, 1813 - 1891.
Charles B., 1845 - 1911.
Carrie B., 1870 - 1883.
John T., 1839 - 1895.
Sallie C., 1847 - 1913.
An Elizabeth Tavenner, a sister of Isaac, above, married Rev. Charles
Baldwin, an M. E. preacher.  She was born October 2nd, 1817, died
January 18th, 1845.
Charles Baldwin, born in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, November 19th,
1803, died November 9th, 1839, nearly thirty-six years old.
(Were Isaac and Elizabeth twins?)
George Kyger, 1767 - January 21st, 1825.
Ruth, his wife, March 18th, 1774 - February 11th, 1861.
Mary Kyger, wife of Johnathan N., died November 26th, 1805, aged
twenty-six years.
Elizabeth Kyger, wife of John G. Stringer, born August 2nd, 1801, died
December 3rd, 1850.
John G. Stringer, died May 27th, 1853.
Caroline Adams, second wife of J. G. Stringer.
By side of Caroline Adams Stringer -
Sarah E. Adams, 1810 - 1898.
Albert G. Stringer (a son of John G. and Elizabeth), died October, 1804,
aged six.
Caroline Bealer Neal was a daughter of George and Ruth Kyger.
Hugh and Raleigh Kyger, of Reedy, were sons of George Kyger.
Henry H. Dils, born in 1808, once Sheriff of Wood County, and
youngest son of William.
Ann Logan, daughter of Henry Logan, Sr., married H. H. Dils, in 1833.
Milan Dils (son of Philip W. and Lucy Foley Dils, grandson of William
and great grandson of Philip) was born November 9th, 1811, died June
10th, 1871.
Lucinda Murray, April 20th, 1815 - May 16th, 1872.
Henry Logan, October 6th, 1812 - March 28th, 1895.
Lavina Holliday, wife of Henry Logan, May 15th, 1814 - January, 1849.
He was a son of the Tanner H. Logan, was a leader of Parkersburg
business man.  He had no children, but distributed much of his property
for public benefit.  Endowed the children's home.  Donated the colored
church, Ann and Littleton Streets, etc.  Locally known as Boss Logan.
William Tefft was one of the leading business men of Parkersburg at
the time of its organization in 1810, and for many years after.  He died
February 22nd, 1850, aged fifty-nine.
Betsy Tefft, wife of William, March 18th, 1854, in sixty-first year.
Sarah Elizabeth, wife of William A. Tefft, died February 26th, 1850,
aged twenty-six.
Paradise Tefft, son of William A. and Sarah E., died May 5th, 1848.
In northern side, William Dils, November 9th, 1811.
Lucinda, wife, 1815 - 1872.
Other inscriptions taken are -
Andrew Grim, born in Washington County, Maryland, 1792, died
June 23rd, 1854.
Richard Bayly, June, 1817 - August 25th, 1854.
Margaret Hill, relict of William Prince, June 13th, 1881, in her
Albert G. Beeson, died 1848, aged thirty years, eight months.
William G. Simpson, of Washington Bottom, 1814 - 1854.
William A. Collett, born in Loudoun County, Virginia, died August
12th, 1852, aged thirty-nine.
James A. Collett, died August 13th, 1815.
John W. Collett, born in 1838.
Alexander Lowther, 1816 - 1893.
Emily, his wife, 1819 - 1892.
Harriet A. Foster, April, 1827 - July, 1819.
James M. Boyd, died July 17th, 1842, aged twenty-eight.
John W. Carpenter, born in Harrison County, 1825 - 1852.
West of the driveway is a soldier's grave.  "Charles M. Rankin
Lies Here".  He fell in the Battle of Antietam, September 17th, 1862,
while fighting in defense of the Union, aged thirty years.
Major Joshiah Steed, 1st W. Va., Cav., died May 3rd, 1863.
Sergeant E. W. Wilcox, Co. 1, 2nd Indiana Cavalry.
Aaron Hollingshead, Co. K., 2nd W. Va. Inf.
Dellicker Bell - a flag.
Lieut. Clark Criswell, Co. L., 8th W. Va. Inf.
William E. Stevenson, born at Pittsburgh, Pa., March 18th, 1820,
died November 29th, 1888.
Sarah, his wife, born at Philadelphia, Pa., May 1st, 1830, died in
1885 (or 1888).
Stevenson was the second Governor of West Virginia.
John A. Butcher, 1819 - 1883.
Martha V. Wright, daughter of J. A. and Ellinor Butcher, 1865 - 1902.
Oliver M. Clemens, 1838 - 1902.
India E. Clemens, 1848 - 1897.
J. W. Davidson, 1829 - 1892.
Helen (wife) 1838 - 1910.
Joseph Schultz, 1860 - 1902.
In the northwest corner of cemetery, east of the drive -
John F. Snodgrass, 1802 - 1854.
Louisa Kinnaird, wife, 1811 - 1853.
Kinnaird Snodgrass, 1836 - 1907.
Sallie B., wife, 1848, 1907.
Virginia, wife of Beverly Smith.
Kinnaird was a son of John F. Snodgrass.  He was a Parkersburg
lawyer, and married Sallie Bukey.
Mary Kinnaird, September 17th, 1786 - Mary 16th, 1783, ninety-six
Sarah Wilcox, 1848 - 1911.
Rev. J. W. Carter, the eminent Baptist preacher, born in 1835, died
in 1907.
George Deming, master marine (a ship carved on headstone), born
in New Haven, Connecticut, September 10th, 1806, died May 10th,
1860, aged fifty-four years and seven months.  "Was a direct
descendant of Miles Standish".
Samuel Warren, 1811 - 1881.
Charlotte Stewart (wife), 1830 - 1900.
Samuel Stewart, 1829 - 1891.
Letitia (wife), 1825 - 1889.
Ellen Rhodes, wife of James D. Harwood, died at Belleville, May,
1849, born in May, 1817.
John Timms.
Sarah E. Timms, August, 1866.
Some child graves, then -
J. C. Payne, born in Valley of Virginia, February 11th, 1802, died
August 3rd, 1863.
John Simpson, died April, 1864, in seventieth year.
Henrietta (wife), May, 1793 - March, 1870.
By side - N. Simpson Beeson, 1851 - 1888.
Next, (east) J. D. Timms, born in Loudoun County, 1795, died 1875.
Hannah, wife of J. D. Timms, 1795 - 1879.
G. G. Schofield - 1891.
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'Tis weary watching wave by wave,
And yet the tide heaves onward;
We climb, like corals, grave by grave, --
And where the vanguard camps to-day,
The rear shall rest tomorrow.
--Gerald Massey.

One Sunday in the fall of 1922, I visited the graveyard on the ridge
back of Waverly, near the head of a branch of Carpenter's Run,
and of  Big Run.  It lies on a northern or eastern slope, and is roughly
rectangular in shape, with the old tile brick Presbyterian Church at
one end, and the St. Mary's Pike running along one side, and a tract of
woods on the other.

The old graveyard is over the hill, by the woods, and the top of the
hill has been added to it later.

It looks odd that the old families built their church out here, and made
their graveyard a mile back from the river.

It is still in use, as is attested by several new-looking graves.

In the new part, the names Hunter, Ingraham and Sharp are prominent.

I noted:
William Rolston (Ralston), born in Rockingham County, Virginia, 1757,
removed to Wood County, 1801, died August, 1807, aged fifty.
Mary Hopkins (his wife) born 1755, died 1823, aged sixty-eight.
His wife, Sarah Harness, was born in Hardy County, March 17th, 1799,
died in 1864.
It is quite possible the older graves were moved from a graveyard near
the river.
Rebecca, wife of William Bell, died in 1852.
William Rolston was in the force that was used to suppress the
Whiskey Insurrection.  He died, says one authority, July 13th, 1807.
In the newer grounds, I noted:
J. P. Sharp, 1813 (or 1831?) - 1919.
H. M. Sharp, 1832 - 1882.
M. J. Sharp, 1843 - 1905.
Probably all brothers.
John Sharp, was a son of Spencer Sharp, who was a soldier of the
Revolution.  He married Zidarra Prince, daughter of Hubbard, once
of Carpenter's Mill Run, near Cedar Grove.  The Sharps are said to be
from Fauquier County, Virginia.  J. P. was a member of the House of
Delegates in 1880.
Noah Ogden, 1834 - 1888.
Elizabeth (his wife) 1841, 1913.
They laved at the Ogden homestead, mouth of Big Run.  She was a
Pollock, daughter of Robert S.  His father, Noah, Sr., born in 1788,
died 1848, is the one owning the Big Run farm.
He was a child when Ignatius Ogden, his father, came from Graves
Creek to the mouth of Big Run.
Lucy A., wife of George Vanwye, 1844 - 1892.
David Gault, March 5th, 1862 - age fifty-five (1807).
Elizabeth (his wife) January 9th, 1863 - aged forty-eight (1815).
John A. Griffin, August 1868, aged thirty-two.
Sarah A., wife Fulton Eckles, 1864.
William McKibben, died 1855, in seventy-second year.
Susannah Drake, January 12th, 1802 - February 1st, 1875.
Alexander Arbuckle, September, 1856 - aged seventy.
Matilda (his wife) 1854, aged fifty-nine.
John Bowen, 1864, aged twenty-nine.
James Bowen.
Harriet, wife William Bowen.
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Is life a noxious weed which whirlwinds sow?
A useless flint o'er which the waters flow?
Not so !
A life well spent hast not its weight in gold;
It is the clearest crystal earth doth hold,
A gem beside which suns seem clear and cold.
Robert Louis Stevenson.

On the interurban carline, at Bryn Mawr carstop, a road runs
back long and straight, passing a gigantic wild cherry tree,
four or five feet in diameter, which stands on a rise.  Half a mile
across the plain is Pond Run, still a good sized stream.  Straight
back about a quarter of a mile, on a parallel road coming to the
paved road, at Vitrolite carstop, lies the -- or perhaps I should
say, an -- Old Spencer Graveyard.

This cemetery is more or less surrounded with houses, these
fields being largely cut up into building lots.  It itself was when
I visited it about 1920, a commons in the southeast corner of a
block, and was uncared for and desolate.

There are a few graves that can be traced, and probably many
more no longer to be found.

I noted the inscriptions:
L. L. Gates.  In memory of Lucy L. Gates, who departed this 
life on the 13th day of September, 1823, in her fourteenth year.
A daughter of Elias and Hannah Gates.
In memory of Mrs. Hannah, wife of Elias Gates, who departed
this life August the 18th, 1823, in the forty-sixth year of her
age.  On a broken slab lying on the ground.
Elias Gates died June 6th, 1854, aged seventy-eight years, three
months (born 1776).  He has a fine, well preserved sandstone
slab, engraved with square and compass, and practically as good
as when set.
In Memory of Capt. Elijah Gates, who died April 11th, 1802, in
the fifty-eighth year of his age.
This is one of the oldest graves I have noted on this side of the
Ohio River.  Gates lived next above the Cooks, on the Ohio River,
where he kept a ferry.  It looks as if he may have been in the
American Army, and he was probably of the emigrants from New
England.  He perhaps may have been connected with the Spencers.
There are broken stones on each side of this grave.
Nearby is a small lot enclosed with iron rails.  An old stone reads:
Charles Spencer, born twenty-second of January, 1792, died
seventh of June, 1802.  A broken slab with part of the date gone
leads me to believe from lettering left, it may have been the grave
of Dr. Joseph Spencer, the founder of the family.
There are four footstones in the row, with a soot-blackened poplar
tree growing on the foot of one of the graves.
A marble shaft (all other markers are sandstone) bears the
William Spencer, May, 1786 - February 10th, 1864.
Dr. Joseph Spencer, the father.
Deborah Spencer, the mother.
Joseph Spencer (Joseph and William are sons).
Charles S. Spencer (a younger son)
Joseph Spencer settled here before the formation of Wood County.
He was a wealthy for his time, owning all the wide bottom lands at
Vienna.  Was a member of the Wood County Court, and a Deacon
in the Marietta Baptist Church.  He died in 1825.  He raised a large
Another small stone is marked:
Hannah Dye, May 27th, 1863, aged forty-nine.
Then there are two other rows of old graves.

I revisited the spot November 15th, 1926.  It is still unkept and weed
grown, a commons for the pastuerage of cows.

An old deed reserves once acre for a cemetery, but the visible graves
do not occupy more than one fifth of that space.
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On the 15th of November, 1926, I visited an old time country
graveyard, which was established on the S. S. Spencer farm, above
Vienna, nearly a hundred years ago.  The graveyard is mentioned
in the old deeds as covering an acre of ground, and as a public
burying ground, but there are only a few monuments, and little sign
of more than a half dozen graves.  They are neglected, but being in
a dooryard, are not overgrown with weeds and brush.

A large marble slab reads:
"Samuel S. Spencer died July 27th, 1832, aged fifty-two years, seven
The most interesting inscription is on a later grave:
Prudence, wife of S. S. Spencer, was born on Prudence Island,
March 6th, 1788.  Died at Vienna, August 10th, 1878.  "She was the
youngest daughter of Captain Joseph Cook, of Parkersburg, Virginia,
and was married at that place, July 10th, 1814.  Her husband, who
died July 27th, 1832, was the eldest son of Dr. Joseph Spencer, of
Vienna, Virginia.  She was a consistent and lifelong Christian.
John C. Spencer, born July 8th, 1825, died November 10th, 1904,
aged seventy-nine years, four months.
Samuel Selden Spencer, January 13th, 1822 - January 6th, 1892.
Lucinda Amelia (his wife) October 17th, 1826 - October 16th, 1895.
S. S. Spencer was a man of prominence in the political life of his
A child, Joseph, son of S. S. Spencer, has an inscription on the same
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The Old Stagg Graveyard is out on a point, at the back of an old
field, a short distance from the original Clare - Dils eastern line,
being once the Griffin Survey.

The field north of it has all been cleared, and cultivated, many years
ago, and my impression is that that part of the land lying south has
at one time been cleared.

These woods, as now grown up, are pine on top of the hill, with some
hickory, sassafras, scrub oak, etc., with blackberry briers, green brier,
catbrier, wild roses and weeds, where there are openings among the
brush for them to grow.  There is an old road from the fields on the top
of the ridge at the Core Road, around to the graveyard, largely through
what is now (1924) a pine thicket.

Another old road came up from the run south of this ridge, around the
point to the top of the hill, northwest of the graveyard.

The trees in and around the graveyard are large, and may belong to
the original forest.  There are ten trees inside the graveyard lot.

I noted among the graves in the northeast corner, under the pine trees:
Sarah Polk, 1818 - 1905.
Alcinda Crews, March 1885 - 1897.
Clara E. Atkinson, 1878 - 1906.
Gladys Atkinson, 1904 - 1920.
The Stagg family, who first opened the graveyard, occupy the central
At an old broken down slab south of an oak tree, is the grave of
Susan, daughter of J. R. Stagg, died April 27th, 1855, aged thirty-six
Edmond D., son of J. R. Stagg, died June 30th, 1841, aged four years,
one months.  (May 29th, 1837).
Lodena, daughter of J. W. and S. Stagg, died April 23rd, 1853, aged
fifteen years, two months.  (February 22nd, 1838.)
William M., son J. W. and S. Stagg, May 21st, 1853, a child aged ten
months and eleven days.
These are in the second row from the east end.  Next is a vigorous
catalpa tree standing at the head of the unmarked grave of some grown
person.  By the side of this is a more recent mound, and two children's
graves at their head, all in good repair.
There are two old time graves in the southeast corner, near a large
hickory tree.
John W. Stagg married Susan Mann, 1837.
Elizabeth Stagg married William R. Prince, 1837.
Other inscriptions are:
William, son of W. M. and Elizabeth Stagg, in his fifth year.  (Date not
Elizabeth Stagg, died 1854, aged twenty-seven.
Isaiah, son of William and C. Stagg, died 1851.  (Perhaps meant for son
of William and Catharine.)
Elizabeth Stagg, wife of William B. Prince,died 1855, aged thirty-seven
years, six months.
These are all old graves and covered over with wild grape vines and with
blue myrtle, and a cluster of yucca has been set nearby.
There are two new headstones at graves, under a pine tree, two rows west
of the gate.  One bears the names -
Charles H. Sovell, 1845 - 1912, and has a U. S. Flag.
Isabell, wife of Charles H. Sovell, 1846 - 1910.
The other, Albert Morrison, 1904 - 1907.
At the next row to the west are nine unmarked graves, four of grown
persons, one of middle size, and three children.
Then next, the western fence a row with unmarked graves, as are other
parts of rows.

I visited this burying ground again on November 2nd, 1933.  The land all
around had been cleared, and the trees in the cemetery all removed,
the catalpa.  On the stump of the largest, which was twenty-five to
inches in diameter, I counted one hundred thirty-six rings.  It was a
post oak.
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In the elbow of the Staunton Pike, on Nigger Run, about a half mile
from Leachtown, is a graveyard with a few graves, and back of the
church a short ways down the pike, is another.

I cannot at present correctly place the inscriptions copied, as to

T. W. Watkins, Co. C., 14th W. Va.
Richard Howard, August 12th, 1872, aged eighty years, five months.
Mary, his wife, March, 1871, seventy-six years, ten months.
Asa, son of R. and M. Howard, died 1855, aged thirty-six.
Louisa C. Taylor, daughter George Tucker, born August, 1808 - died
May 21st, 1880.
Elizabeth, wife of George Tucker, died 1855, age forty-three.
Michael Crouser, October 10th, 1850, aged fifty-seven.
John W. Snodgrass, May, 1878, aged thirty-six.
John B. Buckner, 1858 - 1915.
Oscar, son of B. and J. Buckner, 1860 - 1876.
Bushrod Buckner, November 12th, 1901, aged seventy-six years.
Nancy, his wife, died 1899, aged sixty-seven.
Edwin W. Butcher, 1847 - 1911.
Priscilla Stagg, his wife, born 1848 - died 1911.
Randolph C. Butcher, born 1840.
Matilda Stagg, daughter Edward D.
John R. Hannaman, 1836 - 1907, was a son of John Hannaman,
married Elizabeth, sister to A. F. Gibben.

James J. Stagg, 1834 - 1902.
Mary E. Stagg (his wife) 1839 - 1881.
Fanny Stagg Ewing, 1872 - 1897.
John W. Stagg, died 1877.  Aged twenty-four.  "I shall meet the
loved one who has gone before, Joyfully sweet will the meeting be".
L. P. Davis, Co. H., Ohio Light Artillery.
William G. Worley, 1809 - 1890.
Matilda Worley, 1811 - 1897.
Liza Worley, 1838 - 1908.
William A. Worley, 1852 - 1914.
Jeptha Bibbee, 1818 - 1896.
Ellen R. Bibbee, 1824 - 1905.
James Robey, Co. H., 14th W. Va.  (flag)
Randolph Butcher, 1840.  (no date)
Matilda Butcher, 1845 - 1907.
E. G. Nicholson, C. L., 6th W. Va.  (flag)
Louis Napoleon Loiseaux, 6th (W. Va.?)  (flag)
John R. Anderson, 1849 - 1893.
James McDowell, 1877, in forty-fourth year.  (1833)
James McDowell, 1831 - 1899.
Park Jaco, 1844 - 1917.
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Lost in the midst of the City of Parkersburg, tucked away among
the buildings and paraphanalia of the Standard Oil Company, is
a little plot of ground that was, a few years ago, a quiet country
graveyard, the family burying ground of John Stephenson.  It is
kept in good repair by the company, is seven by nine panels in
size, and enclosed by a substantial iron fence on the north and
east, with a bank on the others.  There were, until a few years ago,
three magnificent locust trees, each three feet or more in diameter,
standing two in the southeast part, but they were cut for posts
when the plot was fenced.  A third tree stood in the northwest

There are several headstones in the graveyard, though many of
these are so crumbled and decayed, the names are not readable.

John Stephenson, the founder of the home, is buried here, but his
grave is without a marker, doubtless it is by the side of his wife,
whose crumbled headstone reads -

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, wife of John Stephenson, died
November 20th, 182-, aged fifty-eight.  (One figure has disappeared,
perhaps it was a 1".)

By one of the trees is a slab marked -
"In memory of David Stephenson who departed this life".  The date
and latter part of memorial verse are crumbled away, and as if never
graven on the rock.

He was in the war of 1812, was Commissioner of Revenue of Wood
County, in 1821, and died about 1821 or 1822.

By his side is the grave of his wife, whose marker (both are sandstones
slabs lying flat over the top of the graves) is in better repair than
of her husband.

Jane, consort of D. Stephenson, who departed this life September 11th,
1823, aged twenty-seven years.  "Blessed are they that mourn, For they
shall be comforted".  (E. T.)
She was a daughter of Jacob Beeson, Jr.

Another stone reads - Octavius, daughter of J. and S. Stephenson, died
February 17th, 1847, aged twelve years, two months.  It is a marble slab
lying on the ground.

In memory of David, son of John and Sarah Stephenson, died July 31st,
--29, in the third year of his age.

There are several children's graves in the southwest part of the grounds.

John Stephenson married Sarah, daughter of Robert Edelen, March 4th,
1821.  He was for many years prominent in the business matters of the
city and county.  In 1853 (March), with all his family then living,
one son, he migrated to Freeland, near Portland, Oregon, where he lived
until his death, which occurred October 15th, 1871.

The wife, Sarah Edelen Stephenson, is probably buried by her children,
as John Stephenson was married the second time, on December, 1843,
to a Miss Ann Steger.
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