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Cemeteries Page

Wood County, WV Genealogy

Maddox Cemetery

Contributed by Teresa Fordyce

Take WV State Rt. 68 South out of Parkersburg to intersection of SR 68 and SR 892. Take SR 892 to County Road 30 (Jewell Road). Turn right onto Jewell Road and go up the hill past the school. Take the next right, then turn left on the next road (Blenwood Drive) bearing right. The cemetery is on private property behind houses in a wooded area. Please ask the property owner's for permission to walk across their property to the cemetery. This is an old family cemetery that is no longer used. It is not well maintained and has been subject to vandalism. The property was owned by the Maddox family in the early 1800’s. There are several unmarked graves, broken stones and unreadable markers.

Bridges, David Aresto
b. May 30, 1825, d. Jul 9, 1902
s/o William and Susan Bridges

Bridges, Hester Villeta Maddox
b. Mar 28, 1839, d. May 30, 1882
w/o David Aresto Bridges
d/o Thomas and Ann Rebecca Cains Maddox
Mother of William Thomas, John Dale, Martha Priscilla, Theodosia E., Benjamin B., Dennis L., Frank J. and Okey G.

Chapman, Amos
b. Apr 12, 1854, d. Sep 15, 1925

Chapman, Austin
b. Oct 18, 1804, d. Oct 1, 1865

Chapman, Austin
b. Oct 29, 1866, d. Jul 4, 1894

Chapman, Harriet
b. 1849, d. 1927

Chapman, Jude
b. Apr 1, 1861, d. Aug 29, 1861

Chapman, Julia
b. 1847, d. 19—

Chapman, Maria
b. Mar 29, 1816, d. Mar 28, 1904

Chapman, Martin
b. Apr 1, 1861, d. Apr 28, 1902

Chapman, Polly
b. Oct 1, 1846, d. Oct 5, 1873

Chapman, Rebecca
d. Jun 1853

Fleming, Edward R
d. Oct 25, 1840
s/o Robert L. and Amy Maddox Fleming

Johnson, Alcinda
b. Oct 9, 1825, d. Sep 14, 1891
w/o John M. Johnson

Johnson, John M
d. Sep 28, 1897

Johnson, Morgan L
d. Sep 29, 1896

Maddox, Ann Rebecca Cains
b. May 9, 1814, d. Mar 29, 1881
2nd w/o Thomas Maddox
Mother of Thomas, Virginia, James, Hester Villeta, Thomas Benton, David M., Lodema, Appalene Rebecca, Eliza Page, Ann O., Martha Ann and Sarah Minerva

Maddox, David M
b. Sep 20, 1844, d. Mar 11, 1845
s/o Thomas and Ann Rebecca Cains Maddox

Maddox, Elmon H
b. Jan 1, 1878, d. Aug 8, 1880
s/o Thomas Benton and Mattie A. Mitchell Maddox

Maddox, Martin G
b. Jun 7, 1817, d. Nov 8, 1847
s/o Thomas and Victoria Petty Maddox

Maddox, Mary M
b. Jun 1, 1848, d. Dec 28, 1848
d/o Martin G. and Julia Ann Romine Maddox

Maddox, Matthew Sr.
b. 1752, d. Jan 1, 1831
s/o John and Mary Dyson Maddox
American Revolutionary War Patriot

Maddox, Mattie Mitchell
b. Mar 28, 1842, d. Jan 10, 1906
w/o Thomas Hart Benton Maddox
Mother of Albert Sidney and Nannie Cole

Maddox, Nancy
may be 1st w/o William P. Maddox

Maddox, Rachel Bonnifield
b. 1753, d. Jan 5, 1826
w/o Matthew Maddox Sr.
d/o Gregory and Sarah Henley Bonnifield 
Mother of Mary Molly, Rozzel, Matthew Jr., William, Dorcus, Thomas Arnold, Alpheous, Elizabeth (adopted) and Jame Teressa Neale (adopted granddaughter, child of Dorcus Maddox Neale)

Maddox, Thomas H
b. 1846, d. 1868
s/o Martin G. and Julia Ann Romine Maddox

Maddox, Thomas Hart Benton
b. Jul 6, 1841, d. Oct 15, 1878
s/o Thomas and Rebecca Cains Maddox

Maddox, Thomas
b. Jan 3, 1834, d. Feb 11, 1834
s/o Thomas and Ann Rebecca Cains Maddox

Maddox, Thomas
b. Jun 20, 1788, d. Aug 12, 1872
s/o Matthew Maddox Sr. and Rebecca Bonnifield Maddox

Maddox, Victoria Petty
b. 1790, d. 1830
1st w/o Thomas Maddox
Mother of Amy, Lucy, Martin G., William P., Mary, John, Drusilla, Victoria, Frances and Emmeline

Moyers, Charlie
d. Dec 13, 1876
s/o J.W. and A.R. Moyers
(Only marked grave in the Moyers Plot) 

Posey, Samuel H
d. Mar 12, 1835
s/o Samuel and Catherine Posey

Robbins, Charles A
d. Apr 12, 1855
(twin of Jonathan S. Robbins)
s/o Jonathan and Julia Ann Romine Maddox Robbins

Robbins, Jonathan S
d. Apr 13, 1855
(twin of Charles A. Robbins)
s/o Jonathan and Julia Ann Romine Maddox Robbins

Robbins, Jonathan
b. Jan 16, 1801, d. Apr 2, 1863
s/o Job and Miriam Brown Robbins
2nd h/o Julia Ann Romine Maddox Robbins Father of Charles A. and Jonathan S. Robbins

Romine, George W
d. Jun 14, 1845
s/o J. and A. Romine

Romine, Hannah
b. 1817, d. 1899
w/o Thomas Romine

Seffens, Emma J
b. 1854, d. 1914

Seffens, Harry
b. 1878, d. 1882

Seffens, Roger Jr.
b. Aug 6, 1849, d. 1907
(Twin of John Seffens who died in 1856)
s/o Robert and Susan O’Conner Seffens

Strong, George E
d. Jun 14, 1870

Strong, Henry W
b. Feb 25, 1787, d. Sep 10, 1860

Strong, Ruth A
d. May 4, 1857
d/o Henry W. and M. Strong

Strong, Stephen H
b. Mar 18, 1823, d. Nov 3, 1868

Watkins, H. G.
b. Feb 4, 1846, d. Feb 22, 1881
(From Scotland)