Agnes Henry Riggins



     Mrs. Agnes Riggins, age 68 years, died at her residence on 1st North
street, Saturday morning.  She has been in poor health for some time, when
the LaGrippe took a firm hold and resulted in her death.  Mrs. Riggins was
one of our popular and well known citizens in this city, and her demise was
truly mourned by the circle of her acquaintance.  The funeral ceremonies
were conducted by the Rathbone Sisters and the Daughters of Rebecca, she
being an honored member of both societies.


     It is a fact that the world moves on at its accustomed rate of speed
when even the greatest cease forever to tread its surface.  That the
happiness and welfare of the human race is never held in the grasp of any
single individual but it is just as true that those have lived, and mayhap
many are living yet, whose place cannot be filled when they cease their
earthly labors.  Mrs. Agnes Riggins, who departed this life at her home in
this city on Feb. 4th, 1899, aged 68 years, probably sustained a
relationship to her large circle of acquaintances and relatives, as near
that outlined above as it is possible.  She was loved and respected by all
who knew her and she counted among her acquaintances every person who was
in trouble or needed a friend.  To her, life had many vicisitudes, many
troubles and trials and her bereavements by the many visitations of dark
winged Death to her own hearth and fireside, was enough to make one less
strong in christian love and confidence a doubter.  She first saw the light
in Ayrshire, Scotland, (born March 3, 1831).  She was married to John
Riggins and came to this country in 1854, settling in Pennsylvania for a
few months, then going to West Virginia.
     She was the mother of 15 children, 10 boys and 5 girls, 13 of whom
were born in West Virginia.  She came to this country (KS) in 1884.
     Twenty one years ago her husband died, leaving her with a large family
to support, care for and educate.  Eight years after the death of her
husband and father, her sixth son was killed by a mine explosion at
Newburg, W. Va.  Robert her oldest son was killed by a premature explosion
at the Tyrconneil, W. Va., mines January 8, 1887.  Soon after came the
awful news from Montana that her next oldest, James, had lost his life by
the breaking of a mine cage rope.  Her cup of grief was certainly full to
overflowing when on April 9, 1891, her youngest daughter, Isabel, succumbed
to that awful scourge, consumption.  Two sons and two daughters, besides
many friends, were at her bedside during her illness and at the time of her
death, the others were in the east.
     In all the sad deaths that have occurred in this vicinity, none have
seemed so sorrowed to the community as hers.  Mrs. Riggins was a member of
the Daughters of Rebekah, the auxiliary order of the I.O.O.F. and of the
Rathbone Sisters, the ladies branch of the Knights of Pythias.
     In both orders she was a work-energetic, faithful, honest and true and
the foundation principles of the orders she honored were next to her religion.
     It is a true saying that death touches those with its dart that can be
least spared and in her demise the truth of the saying is verified.
     She died as she lived, a practical and consistent Christian, truly
mourned by all who knew her.  We can truthfully say with the poet,
Dust to thy narrow house beneath
   Soul, to its place on high
They that have seen thy look
     No more fear to die.
10, 1899


     At her home in this city on Saturday, Feb. 4, 1899, Mrs. Agnes Riggins
in her sixty-seventh year.  She leaves several children, all grown, to
mourn her loss, her husband having preceded her several years ago.

Descendants of John Riggins and Agnes Henry

1  John Riggins 1835 - 1878  (d. WV) 
.. +Agnes Henry 1831 - 1899
. 2  Ann H. Riggins 1850 - 1851
. 2  Robert M. Riggins 1850 - 1887
..... +Sarah Alice Hart 
. 2  James Riggins 1851 - 1887
. 2  Ann C. Riggins 1853 - February
. 2  Matthew H. Riggins 1856 - October
. 2  Infant Riggins 1857 - 1857
. 2  John C. Riggins 1858 - 1903
..... +Eunna 
. 2  George Henry Riggins 1860 - 1886 (d. Newburg mine)
..... +Adaline Tutt Jones 
. 2  Matthew M. Riggins 1862 - 1928
..... +Ellen W. Scott 
. 2  William R. Riggins 1864 - 1938
..... +Margaret M. "Maggie" Helman 
. 2  Janet H. Riggins 1866 - 1938
..... +George R. Fulton 
. 2  Elizabeth "Lizzie" Gillis Riggins 1869 - 1910
..... +James Dale "Squibb" Cunningham 1866 - 1916
. 2  Isabell "Bell" Potent Riggins 1871 - 1891
. 2  Hendrie Caldwell Riggins 1873 - 1932
..... +Ada May Love 1876 - 1938
. 2  John Gray Riggins 1874 - 1874

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