Roy Dempsey and Bill Bachtel

My father, Claude Bachtel, was a miner for Island creek coal co. for almost all of his life. He lived in Logan co. During the late 50s or early 60s I remember a mine cave in at #22 mine. Dad was on the rescue team that went in to find the miners. One of the miners was his uncle by marriage , his name was Roy Dempsey. My dad said when found his uncle the only way he could recognize him was by his name on his belt. He was so tore up about all of the death that he quit the mines for about 6mo. and came home to his farm in southern Oh. to just get over it all. Dad also had a brother killed at Island Creek #28 mine in 1969, named Bill Batchell . There was a slate fall , he was the only person killed, there was one other person injured.
Contributed by: Darryl Bachtel

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