Sarah Rebecca Rogers Blizzard

Sarah Rebecca Rogers Blizzard, Grandmother of Joy Austin Wilson Was 89 when she she died. "Ma" Blizzard as she was affectionately called by her neighbors in cabin creek, she was the wife of Timothy Blizzard, an early Union Organizer, (UMW) in the mining world, and the mother of William Blizzard, President of UMW district 17. Once during the bloody 1912 strike in cabin creek area she was reported to have stopped a train from running by prying up the rails. The train was an armored affair that ran up and down the hollow during the strike and came to be known by the miners as the " Bull Moose." In a later interview, "Ma" Blizzard "Yes sir." she said. "That old Bull Moose would parade up and down and shoot up the woods, where the miners were., so me and three other women decided one night to put an end to that. We slipped out after dark, took crowbars, and pried up the rails and rolled tem down the hillside." The next morning , when the Bull Moose came along,it didn't go on to Leewood like it was supposed to. the men inside the train cussed and fumed and we stood on the side laughing at them. She was born in Edmond, Fayette county, Oct 6, 1805,She came to Cabin Creek in 1906.

Contributed by: Joy Austin Wilson

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