In Memory of Arthur William Broughman, 1873 - 1914

Arthur W. Broughman was born in 1873, possibly Botetourt County, Virginia, the son of Charles L. Broughman and Mary Laticia Watson. Arthur was a brother to my great-grandfather, Otho Wilson Broughman. During the early 1900's the Broughman family came to Raleigh County, WV, where Arthur sought work in the coal mines..
I do not know how Arthur met his wife Sarah M. McComas of Cabell Co., WV, or where they were married, but her love for him was strong. In my possession I have a small notebook in Sarah's own handwriting which contains several poems she wrote to him and also mentions how much fun it was to spend time together. Sarah writes of how one evening they both sat on a hill and watched the section men working below. Her words are joyful and she writes "What a jolly good time we had. Don't you wish you were there."
Arthur and Sarah lived in Rush Run during the early 1900's where Arthur was employed at the Eccles coal mine. They had one living child, a son named Joseph Arthur Broughman, who was born in Fayette County in 1904. On the 28th of April 1914, Arthur Broughman lost his life in one of the worst mine disasters in West Virginia when the Eccles No. 5 mine exploded. He was 41 years old. When the danger was over and the officials began the task of recovering the bodies in the mine, Arthur was one of the first group of bodies discovered. His body was found within a few yards of the entrance. Arthur's wife returned to Cabell County, WV with their young son where both lived out the remainder of their lives. Sarah M. McComas Broughman lived to the ripe old age of 96 and died the 8th of May 1976 in Huntington, WV. Her son, Joseph Broughman, died the 1st of May 1967 also in Huntington. Joseph was the father of one son, Charles Arthur Broughman, now deceased. Arthur Broughman's grave lies only a few hundred yards from the original entrance of the Eccles No. 5 mine. It is my understanding that the men were first buried close to the entrance of the mine but were moved to a nearby knoll later on. A memorial listing the names of those who died was erected in the cemetery and stands solitude on the small hillside giving tribute to those who died that faithful day in April 1914.
Submitted by: Candace J. Freeman, gg-niece of Arthur W. Broughman.

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