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Alphabetical List

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Submitted by:Frieda Davison
This list provides the name of city or town, followed by the county in parentheses with the names of the coal companies that operated in that town listed below the name of the town. This information was gleaned from Edkin's Catalogue of Coal Scrip which is used by the National Scrip Collectors Association.

1.  ABNEY (Raleigh)
          Pemberton Coal & Coke Co.

2.  ACCOVILLE (Logan)
          Buffalo Creek Coal & Coke Co.
          Carbon Hill Collieries Co.
          Deegan-Eagle Coal Co.
          Loash Coal Co.
 R.R. Smith Coal Co.

3.  ACME (Kanawha)
 Cabin Creek Consolidated Coal Co.

4.  ACTMAN (Boone)
 Pinnacle Block Coal Co.

5.  ACUP (Kanawha)
          Middle Fork Block Coal Co.

6.  AFFINITY  (Raleigh)
 Pemberton Coal & Coke Co.

7.  ALBERT  (Tucker)
 Cumberland Coal Co.
 Douglas Co.

8.  ALBRIGHT  (Preston)
 Coffman-Fisher Co.
 Kingwood Coal Co.

9.  ALGOMA  (McDowell)
          Algoma Coal & Coke Co.

10. ALGONQUIN  (Mercer)
          Algonquin Coal & Coke Co.
 Lamar Colliery Co.

11.  ALCOPA  (Wyoming)
 Alpha Poca Coal co.

12.  ALTMAN (Boone)
 Peak Coal Co.

13.  AMEAGLE  (Raleigh)
 American Eagle colliery

14.  AMELIA  (Kanawha)
 Amelia Coal Co.

15.  AMHERSTDALE  (Logan)
 Amherst Coal Co.
 Guyan Eagle Coal Co.
 Prockter Eagle Coal Co.

16.  AMIGO  (Wyoming)
 Amigo Coal Co.
 J.A. Wood Coal Co.
 Red Jacket Jr. Coal Co.
 Wacomah Coal Co.

17.  ANJEAN  (Greenbrier)
 Leckie Smokeless Coal Co.

18.  ANSTED  (Fayette)
 Gauley Mountain Coal Co.
 Mill Creek Colliery Co.

19.  ARCOLA  (Webster)
 Lilly Coal Co.

20.  ARISTA (Mercer)
 S.J. Patterson Pocahontas Co.
 Weyanoke Coal & Coke Co.

21.  ARMEN  (Mingo)
 Borderland Coal Co.

22.  ASCO  (McDowell)
 Atlantic Smokeless Coal Co.

23.  ASHLAND  (McDowell)
 Ashland Coal & Coke Co.

24.  AUSTEN  (Preston)
 Austen Coal & Coke Co.

25.  AVONDALE  (McDowell)
 Garland Pocahontas Coal Co.
 Mountain State Coal Corp.

26.  BACHMAN  (Fayette)
 Atlantic Coal & Iron Co.
 Maryland Coal Mining Co.

27.  BARNUM  (Mineral)
 Monroe Coal Mining Co.

28.  BARRACKSVILLE  (Marion)
 Chesapeake Mine
 Bethlehem Mines Corp.

29.  BARTLEY  (McDowell)
 Pond Creek Pocahontas Co.

30.  BAXTER  (Marion)
 Consolidation Coal Co.

31.  BAYARD  (Grant)
 Emmons Coal Mining Co.

32.  BEARDS FORK  (Fayette)
 Loup Creek Colliery Co.

33.  BECCO  (Logan)
 Buffalo Eagle Colliery Co.

34.  BECKLEY  (Raleigh)
 Hollywood Coal Co.
 Lillybrook Coal Co.
 Standard Fire Creek Coal Co.

35.  BELLBURN  (Greenbrier)
 Greenbrier Smokeless Coal Co.

36.  BELLE  (Kanawha)
 Cedar Grove Collieries
 Frye Coal Co.

37.  BELLWOOD  (Fayette)
 Bellwood Coal co.
 Dorkent Coal Co.
 Greenbrier Colliery Co.

38.  BENBUSH  (Tucker)
 Buxton and Landstreet Co.

39.  BEND (no county given)
 Spruce Bend Coal Co.

40.  BEN TREE  (Clay)
 Coal Bell Coal Co.

41.  BERGOO  (Webster)
 Pardee & Curtin Lumber Co.

42.  BERWIND  (McDowell)
      New River & Pocahonatas
     Consolidated Coal Co.

43.  BERYL  (Mineral)
 Silver Coal Co.

44.  BESOCO  (Raleigh)
 Beckley Smokeless Coal Co.
 Leccony Smokeless Fuel Co.

45.  BEURY  (Fayette)
 Southern Smokeless Coal Co.

46.  BICKMORE  (Clay)
 No company names given

47.  BIG CREEK  (Logan)
 Big Creek Coal Co.
 Ferrell Coal Co.
 Logan Mines, Inc.

48.  BIG FOUR  (McDowell)
 By-Products Pocahontas Co.
 Cirrus Coal & Coke Co.

49.  BIG SANDY  (McDowell)
 Hampton Roads Colleries Co.
 Kingston-Pocahontas Coal Co.
 Solvay Collieries Co.

50.  BIRCH FORK  (Kanawha)
 West Virginia Southern Coal Co.

51.  BIRCHTON  (Raleigh)
 Birch Fork Coal Co.
 Birch Mining Co.
 Birchton Coal Co.

52.  BLAINE  (Mineral)
 Blaine Mining Co.
 Hamill Coal & Coke Co.
 R.A. Smith Coal Co.

53.  BLAIR  (Logan)
 Opperman Coal Co.

54.  BLAKELEY  (Kanawha)
 Blue Creek Coal & Land Co.

55.  BLOCTON  (Mingo)
 Thomas Coal Co.

56.  BLUEFIELD  (Mercer)
 Patsy Small & Co.

57.  BLUE JAY  (Raleigh)
 Blue Jay Lumber Co.

58.  BONCAR  (Fayette)
 Electro Metallurgical Co.
 West Virginia Eagle Coal Co.

59.  BOOMER  (Fayette)
 Boomer Coal & Coke Co.

60.  BOONE  (Fayette)
 Maryland New River Coal Co.

61.  BOOTH  (Monongalia)
 River Seam Coal Co.

62.  BORDERLAND  (Mingo)
 Borderland Coal Co.
 Borderland Coal Corp.
 Borderland Collieries

63.  BOWER  (Braxton)
 Copen Gas Coal Mines

64.  BRADY  (Monongalia)
 Edna Gas Coal co.

65.  BRAEHOLM  (Logan)
 Amherst Coal Co.
 Buffalo Eagle Colliery Co.

66.  BRANCHLAND  (Lincoln)
 Branchland Coal Co.

67.  BRAXTON  (Braxton)
 Brown & Wood Store

68.  BRISTOL  (Harrison)
 Wolfe Cummit Coal Co.

69.  BROWNTON  (Barbour)
 Taggert Coal Co.

70.  BRUSH CREEK  (Boone)
 Brush Creek Coal Co.

 Pecks Coal Co.

72.  BURCH  (Mingo)
 Landstreet Downey Coal Co.
 Puritan Coal Corporation
 Willima Ann Coal Co.

73.  BURGESS BRANCH  (Kanawha)
 West Virginia southern Coal Co.

74.  BURNWELL  (Kanawha)
 Imperial Colliery Co.

75.  BRYON  (Harrison)
 Cook & Hart Coal co.

76.  CALORIC  (Wyoming)
 Sabine Smokeless Coal Co.
 Smith Pocahontas Coal Co.

77.  CAMEO  (Boone)
 Cameo Splint Coal Co.

78.  CANEBRAKE  (McDowell)
      New River & Pocahontas
     Consolidated Coal Co.

79.  CANNELTON  (Fayette)
 Cannelton Coal & Coke Co.

80.  CAPELS  (McDowell)
 Central Pocahontas Coal co.

81.  CARBON  (Kanawha)
 Carbon Fuel Co.

82.  CARBONDALE  (Fayette)
      Kanawha & Hocking Coal and Coke

83.  CARETTA  (McDowell)
 Carter Coal Co.
 Consolidation Coal Co.

84.  CARLISLE  (Fayette)
 White Oak Fuel Co.

85.  CAROLINA  (Marion)
 Consolidation Coal Co.

86.  CASCADE  (Preston)
 Preston County Coke Co.

87.  CASSVILLE  (Monongalia)
 Container Coal Co.
 Continental Coal Co.
 Davis-Wilson Coal Co.
 Talbot Chambers Coal Co.

88.  CEDAR  (Mingo)
 Lyda Coal Co.

89.  CEDAR GROVE  (Kanawha)
 Kanawha By-Products Coal Co.
      Kanawha & Hocking Coal & Coke

90.  CENTURY  (Barbour)
 Century Coal Co.

91.  CHARMCO  (Greenbrier)
 Charmco Smokeless Coal Co.
 Midland Smokeless Coal Co.

92.  CHATTAROY  (Mingo)
 Buffalo-Thacker Coal Co.
 Buffalo-Winifred Coal Co.
 Fall Branch Coal Co.
 Howard Collieries
 Howard Junior Coal Co.
 Standard-Thacker Coal Co.

93.  CHAUNCEY  (Logan)
 R.R. Smith Coal Co.

94.  CHEROKEE  (Kanawha)
 Cabin Creek Consolidated Coal Co.

95.  CHRISTIAN  (Logan)
 Guyan Collieries Corp.
 King Fuel Co.
 Logan Powellton Coal Co.
 McCall Coal Co.

96.  CINCO  (Kanawha)
 Dixport Coal Co.
 New Export Coal Co.

97.  CINDERELLA  (Mingo)
 Sycamore Coal co.

98.  CLAREMONT  (Fayette)
 Beechwood Coal & Coke Co.

99.  CLARKSBURG  (Harrison)
 Clarksburg Gas Coal Co.
 Francois Coal Co.

100.  CLAY  (Clay)
 Elliott Splint Coal Co.

101.  CLEARCO  (Greenbrier)
 Clear Creek Coal co.

102.  CLIFFTOP  (Fayette)
 Babcock Coal & Coke Co.

103.  CLOTHIER  (Logan)
 Boone County Coal Corp.

104.  COALBLOOM  (Boone)
 Halcon Coal Co.

105.  COALBURGH  (Kanawha)
 Coalburgh-Kanawha Mining Co.

106.  COALWOOD  (McDowell)
 Carter Coal Co.
 Consolidation Coal Co.
 Olga Coal Co.

107.  COFOCO  (Kanawha)
 Coal Fork Coal Co.

108.  COKETON  (Tucker)
 Buston & Landstreet Co.

109.  COLCORD  (Raleigh)
 Colcord Coal Co.

110.  COLUMBIA  (Harrison)
 Consolidation Coal Co.

111.  CONCHO  (Fayette)
 Consolidated Coal Co.
 Rock Lick Smokeless Coal Co.

112.  COOPERS  (Mercer)
 Mill Creek Coal & Coke Co.

113.  CORINTH  (Preston)
 Lindsey Coal Mining Co.
 Oakland Coal & Coke Co.

114.  CORRINE  (Wyoming)
 Miller-Pocahontas Coal Co.

115.  COVEL  (Wyoming)
 Coe Pocahontas Coal Co.
 Gulf Smokeless Coal Co.

116.  CRAB ORCHARD  (Raleigh)
 Crab Orchard Fuel Co.
 Gulf Mining Co.
 Lilly & Hornbrook, Inc.

117.  CRANBERRY  (Raleigh)
 Cranberry Fuel Co.

118.  CRANE CREEK  (Mercer)
 American Coal Co.

119.  CRICHTON  (Greenbrier)
 Johnstown Coal & Coke Co.
 Meadow Creek Coal Co.

120.  CRITES  (Logan)
 Logan Eagle Coal co.

121.  CROWN  (Logan)
 Callaway Eagle Coal Co.
 Crown Hill Coal Co.
 Guyan Valley Coal Co.
 Lax Coal Co.
 Loash Coal Co.

122.  CROWN HILL  (Kanawha)
 Crown Hill Coal Co.
 Puritan Coal Co.
 Riverton Coal Co.

123.  CRUMPLER  (McDowell)
 United Pocahontas Coal Co.

124.  CRYSTAL  (Mercer)
 Crystal Coal & Coke Co.

125.  CUCUMBER  (McDowell)
 Litz-Smith Pocahontas Coal Co.

126.  CUNARD (Fayette)
 Coal Run Coal Co.

127.  DAN  (McDowell)
 Bradshaw Coal Co.

128.  DANA  (Kanawha)
 Campbell's Creek Coal Co.

129.  DARTMONT  (Boone)
 Orlandi Coal Co.
 R.B. Jones Coal Co.

130.  DAVIS  (Tucker)
 Winding Gulf Collieries

131.  DAVY  (McDowell)
 Davy Crocket Coal & Coke Co.
 Joe Perkins Coal Co.
 Superior Pocahontas Coal Co.

132.  DECOTA  (Kanawha)
 Belleclare Coal Co.
 Carbon Coal Co.

133.  DEEGANS  (McDowell)
 New Pocahontas Coal Co.

134.  DEHUE  (Logan)
 Youngstown Mines Corporation

135.  DELBARTON  (Mingo)
 Lando Coal Corp.
 Landstreet Downey Coal Co.
 New Era Coal Co.
 Pearl Coal Co.
 Puritan Coal Corp.

136.  DERRYHALE  (Fayette)
 McKell Coal & Coke Co.

137.  DETROIT  (Kanawha)
 Paint Creek Collieries Co.

138.  DEVILS FORK  (Wyoming)
 Devils Fork Coal Co.

139.  DIANA  (Webster)
 No specific mining companies given.

140.  DINGESS  (Mingo)
 Pearl Coal Mining Co.

141.  DIXIE (No county given)
 Bell Creek Lumber Co.

142.  DOBRA CAMP  (Boone)
 Boone County Coal Corporation

143.  DOLA  (Harrison)
 Katherine Coal Mining Co.
 Rose Bud Fuel Co.
 Short Line Coal Co.

144.  DONWOOD  (Kanawha)
 Eureka Coal Co.

145.  DORFEE  (Clay)
 Fairfax Collieries Co.
 Thompson Block Coal Co.

146.  DOROTHY  (Raleigh)
 Chesapeake & Ohio R.R. Co. Mines.

147.  DOUGLAS  (Tucker)
 Cumberland Coal Co.
 Douglas Co.

148.  DOTT  (Mercer)
 Turkey Gap Coal & Coke Co.

149.  DRAPER  (Logan)
 Draper Coal & Coke Co.
 Draper Eagle Coal Co.

150.  DRY BRANCH  (Kanawha)
 Dorothy Glenn Coal Mining Co.
 Dry Branch Coal Co.

151.  DUNDON  (Clay)
 Elk River Coal & Lumber Co.

152.  DUNLOOP  (Fayette)
 Dunn Loop Coal & Coke Co.

153.  DUO  (Greenbrier)
 Clear Creek Coal Co.

154.  EAGLE  (Fayette)
 Big Mountain Coal Co.
 Kanawha Rail & River Coal Co.

155.  EAST GULF  (Raleigh)
 C.H. Mead Coal Co.
 East Gulf Coal Co.

156.  EAST LYNN  (Wayne)
 Katona Coal Co.

157.  ECCLES  (Raleigh)
 N.R.C. Co. [New River Coal?]

158.  ECKMAN  (McDowell)
 Eureka Coal & Coke Co.
 Pulaski Iron Co.

159.  EDGARTON  (Mingo)
 Portsmouth Solvay Coke Co.

160.  EDWIGHT  (Raleigh)
 Hazy Eagle Coal Collieries
 Raleigh Wyoming Coal Co.

               161.  EHLEN    (Harrison)
 Consolidation Coal Co.

162.  EIGHT  (Kanawha)
 No specific coal companies given.

163.  ELEANOR  (Putman)
 Hatfield Campbell Creek Coal Co.

164.  ELK GARDEN  (Mineral)
 A.G. Barrick Coal Co.
 Buxton & Landstreet Co.

165.  ELKHORN  (McDowell)
 Crozer Coal & Coke Co.
 Houston Coal & Coke Co.
 Upland Coal & Coke Co.

166.  ELK RIDGE  (Fayette)
 Black Betsy Consolidated Doal Co.
 Indian Run Collieries Co.

167.  ELM GROVE  (Ohio)
 Elm Grove Mining Co.

168.  ELMO  (Fayette)
 Elmo Mining Co.

169.  ELVERTON  (Fayette)
 Branch Coal & Coke Co.

170.  EMMETT  (Logan)
 Elk Creek Coal Co.
 King Fuel Co.

171.  EMORYVILLE  (Mineral)
 Carroll Cross Coal Co.

172.  ENGLISH  (McDowell)
 Bare Pocahontas Coal Co.
 Flat Top Coal Mining Co.

173.  ENNIS  (McDowell)
 Turkey Gap Coal & Coke Co.

174.  ENTERPRISE  (Harrison)
 Consolidation Coal Co.

175.  ERBACON  (Webster)
 No specific coal companies given.

176.  ERSKINE  (Fayette)
 Lotts Creek Coal Co.
 Thurmond Coal Co.

177.  ESKDALE  (Kanawha)
 Don Coal Co.
 Kanawha Coal Corporation
 West Virginia Southern Coal Co.
 Wyatt Coal Co.

178.  ETHEL  (Logan)
 Ames Mining Co.
 Chilton Block Coal Co.
 Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Co.
 Ethel Block Coal Co.
 George's Creek Coal Co.
 Logan Coal Co.
 Wanda Mining Co.
 Wood Coal Co.

179.  EUNICE  (Raleigh)
 Princess Dorothy Coal Co.

180.  EVERSON  (Marion)
 Harry B. Coal Co., Jr. Mine.

181.  EXCELSIOR  (McDowell)
 Excelsior Pocahontas Coal Co.

182.  EXPORT  (Fayette)
 Export Coal Co.

183.  FAIRMONT  (Marion)
 Domestic Coke Corporation

184.  FARMINGTON  (Marion)
 Georges Creek Coal & Iron Co.

185.  FAYETTE  (Fayette)
 Ajax Coal Co.

186.  FAYETTEVILLE  (Fayette)
 No specific coal companies given.

 U.S. Steel Mines.

188.  FINLOW  (Fayette)
 Scotia Coal & Coke Co.

189.  FIRECO  (Raleigh)
 Bolen Coal Co.
 Douglas Coal Co.
 Leckie Firecreek Coal Co.

190.  FLEMINGTON  (Taylor)
 Bear Valley Coal Co.
 Pittsvein Coal Co.
 T.B. Davis Mine

191.  FORT BRANCH  (Logan)
 Flynn-Haislip Coal Co.
 Fort Branch Coal Corp.
 Sunbeam Coal Co.

192.  FT. DEFIANCE  (Fayette)
 Fort Defiance Coal & Coke Co.

193.  FORT SPRING  (Greenbrier)
 Acme Limestone Co.

194.  FREEMAN  (Mercer)
 Booth-Bowen Coal & Coke Co.
 Buckeye Coal & Coke Co.

195.  FRUM  (Monongalia)
 Brady-Warner Coal Co.

196.  GALLAHER  (Kanawha)
 Wacomah Fuel Co.

197.  GALLOWAY  (Barbour)
 Simpson Creek Collieries Co.

198.  GAMOCA  (Fayette)
 Midvale Colliery Co.

199.  GARLAND (No county given)
 Webb Coal Mining Co.

200.  GARRISON  (Boone)
 Webb Coal Mining Co.

201.  GARTEN  (Fayette)
 No specific coal companies given.

202.  GASKILL  (Marion)
 Consolidation Coal Co.

203.  GIATTO  (Mercer)
 Weyanoke Coal & Coke Co.
 Thomas Coal Co.

204.  GILMER  (Gilmer)
 Davis Colliery Co.

205.  GLEASON  (Mineral)
 Gleason Coal & Coke Co.

206.  GLEN ALUM  (Mingo)
 Glen Alum Coal Co.

207.  GLENDALE  (Marshall)
 Glendale Coal Co.
 Glendale Gas Coal Co.

208.  GLEN FERRIS  (Fayette)
 Electro Metallurgical Co.

209.  GLEN JEAN  (Fayette)
 C.P. Callaway Coal Co.
 Collins Colliery Co.
 New River Co.
 Nichol Colliery Co.

210.  GLEN MORRISON  (Wyoming)
 Faith Smokeless Coal Co.
 Morrison Coal Co.

211.  GLEN ROGERS  (Wyoming)
 Raleigh Wyoming Coal Co.

212.  GLEN WHITE  (Raleigh)
 CCB Smokeless Coal Co.
 E.E. White Coal Co.

213.  GODFREY  (Mercer)
 Godfrey Coal Co.

214.  GOODMAN  (Mingo)
 E.L. Sternberger Coal Co.
 Wigarb Mining Co.

215.  GOODWILL  (Mercer)
 Louisville Coal & Coke Co.
 Winding Gulf Collieries

216.  GORDON  (Boone)
 Detroit Mining Co.

217.  GRANT TOWN  (Marion)
 No specific coal companies given.

218.  GREENBRIER  (Kanawha)
 Paint Creek Collieries Co.

219.  GREENVIEW  (Boone)
 Valco Coal Co.

220.  GREY EAGLE  (Mingo)
 Grey Eagle Coal Co.

221.  GRIPPE  (Kanawha)
 Pax Collieries Co.

222.  GYPSY  (Harrison)
 Consolidation Coal Co.

223.  HADLEY  (Lincoln)
 Guyan Coal Co.

224.  HAMLET  (McDowell)
 Babcock Coal & Coke Co.
 Glade Creek Coal & Lumber Co.

225.  HANDLEY  (Kanawha)
 Chesapeake Mining Co.

226.  HANSFORD  (Kanawha)
 Crown Hill Coal Co.

227.  HAREWOOD  (Fayette)
      Kanawha & Hocking Coal & Coke

228.  HARRISON  (Mineral)
 Eddy Coal Co.

229.  HARTLAND  (Clay)
 Hartland Coal Co.
 Jones Winifrede Coal Co.
 Midlothian Jewel Coal Co.

230.  HARTWELL  (McDowell)
 No specific coal companies given.

231.  HARVEY  (Fayette)
 DeWitt Fuel Co.
 Harvey Coal & Coke Co.
 New River Co.

232.  HATFIELD  (Mingo)
 Mary Helen Coal Co.

233.  HAVACO  (McDowell)
 No specific coal companies given.

234.  HEATHERMAN  (Kanawha)
 Central By-Products Coal Co.

235.  HELEN (Raleigh)
 CCB Smokeless Coal Co.
 East Gulf Coal Co.

236.  HEMPHILL  (McDowell)
 Kingston-Pocahontas Coal Co.
 Solvay Collieries Co.

237.  HENLAWSON  (Logan)
 Chilton Eagle Coal Co.
 Logan Chilton Coal Co.
 Merrill Coal Mines, Inc.

238.  HENSLEY  (McDowell)
 Jewett Bigelow & Brooks Coal Co.

239.  HEZIBAH  (Harrison)
 Hutchinson Coal Co.

 No specific coal companies given.

241.  HERNDON  (Wyoming)
 Flat Top Pocahontas Coal Co.

242.  HETZEL  (Logan)
 Crystal Block Coal & Coke Co.
 George's Creek Coal Co.

243.  HIAWATHA  (Mercer)
 Ennis Coal Co.
 Smokeless Coal & Coke Co.
 Weyanoke Coal & Coke Co.

244.  HICKORY CAMP  (No county given)
 Paint Creek Collieries

245.  HIGHCOAL  (Boone)
 Anchor Coal Co.

246.  HIGHLAND  (Marion)
 Consolidation Coal Co.

247.  HILDEBRAND  (Monongalia)
 South Pittsburgh Coal Co.

248.  HIMLER  (Mingo)
 Matta Co-operative Coal Co.

249.  HOLDEN  (Logan)
 Island Creek Coal Co.

250.  HOT COAL  (Raleigh)
 Gulf Coal Co.

251.  HOWESVILLE  (Preston)
 Albright Coal & Coke Co.
 Kingswood Coal Co.

252.  HUBBARD  (Mineral)
 Upper Potomac Coal Co.

253.  HUGHESTON  (Kanawha)
 Empire Fuel Co.
 Hugheston Gas Coal Corp.
 Kanawha Coals, Inc.

254.  HUGHEY
 Parsons Coal Co.

255.  HUMOCO  (Summers)
 Hump Mountain Smokeless Coal Co.

256.  HUTCHINSON  (Marion)
 Consolidation Coal Co.

257.  IAEGER  (McDowell)
 Ideal Red Ash Pocahontas Coal Co.
 Krolitz Mining Co.
 Little War Creek Coal Co.
 Virginia Red Ash Coal Co.

258.  IDAMAY  (Marion)
 Consolidation Coal Co.

259.  IFRAGREE (No county given)
 Cranberry Fuel Co.

260.  ILLINI  (Kanawha)
 Illini Coal Co.

261.  INGRAM BRANCH  (Fayette)
 Ingram Branch Coal Co.
 Mary Frances Coal Co.

262.  IROQUOIS  (Wyoming)
 Iroquois Coal Mining Co.

263.  ISABAN  (McDowell)
 Isaban Coal Company

264.  IVATON  (Lincoln)
 Ivy White Ash Coal Co.

265.  JARROLDS VALLEY  (Boone)
 Leevale Coal Co.

266.  JAVINS  (Boone)
 Bull Creek Mining Co.
 Javins Coal Co.

267.  JEFFREY  (Boone)
 Spruce River Coal Co.

268.  JENKINJONES  (McDowell)
 Pocahontas Fuel Co.

269.  JERE  (Monongalia)
 Continental Coal Co.
 Scotts Run Fuel Co.
 Sunrise Coal Co.

270.  JODIE  (Fayette)
 Gauley Mountain Coal Co.

271.  JOHN Y  (Monongalia)
 Fairmont-Lowesville Coal Co.

272.  JONBEN  (Raleigh)
 Conway Fire Creek Coal Co.
 Fire Creek Fuel Co.
 Raleigh Fire Creek Coal Co.

273.  JORDAN  (Marion)
 New Byrne Coal Co.

274.  JUVERNA  (McDowell)
 Marine Smokeless Coal Co.

275.  KAYFORD  (Kanawha)
 Cabin Creek Consolidated Coal Co.
 Truax-Traer Coal Co.

276.  KAYMOOR  (Fayette)
 Low Moor Iron Co.

277.  KEITH  (Boone)
 Columbus-Darby Coal Co.
 Hopkins Fork Coal Co.
 Keith Coal Mining Co.

278.  KEMPTON  (Tucker)
 Buxton & Landstreet Co.

279.  KERMIT  (Mingo)
 Earlston Coal Co.

280.  KEYSER  (Mineral)
 Masteller Coal Co.

281.  KEYSTONE  (McDowell)
 Keystone Coal & Coke Co.

282.  KILLARNEY  (Raleigh)
 Killarney Smokeless Coal Co.
 Mead-Tolliver Coal Co.

283.  KILSYTH  (Fayette)
 McKell Coal & Coke Co.
 New River Co.

284.  KIMBALL  (McDowell)
 Houston Collieries Co.
 King Coal Co.
 Tidewater Coal & Coke Co.

285.  KIMBERLY  (Fayette)

 Indian Run Collieries Co.

286.  KINGMONT  (Marion)
      Virginia & Pittsburgh Coal & Coke

287.  KINGSTON  (Fayette)
 Kingston-Pocahontas Coal Co.
 Solvay Collieries

288.  KINGWOOD  (Preston)
 Kendall Lumber Co.
 Ruthbell Coal Co.
 Stanley Coal Co.

289.  KISTLER  (Logan)
 Bengal Coal Co.
 Buffalo Chilton Coal Co.
 Burgess Branch Coal Co.
 Eagle Island Coal Co.
 Utilities Coal Co.
 West Virginia Southern Coal Co.

290.  KITCHEN  (Logan)
 Guyandotte Coal Co.

291.  KLEENCOAL  (Logan)
 Thurmond Coal Co.

292.  KYLE  (McDowell)
 Lynchburg Coal & Coke Co.

293.  LAING  (Kanawha)
 Wyatt Coal Co.

294.  LAMAR  (Mercer)
 Lamar Colliery Co.

295.  LANARK  (Raleigh)
 Lanark Coals Inc.
 Lanark Fuel Co.

296.  LANDGRAFF  (McDowell)
 Empire Coal & Coke Co.
 Vera Pocahontas Coal Co.

297.  LANDISBURG  (Fayette)
 Babcock Coal & Coke Co.

298.  LAREW  (Preston)
 Glenwood Smokeless Coal Co.

299.  LATROBE  (Logan)
 Logan Eagle Coal Co.
 Lundale Coal Co.

300.  LAUREL CREEK  (Fayette)
 Laurel Creek Coal Co.

301.  LAVILLE  (Boone)
 Warner Block Coal Co.

302.  LAWTON  (Fayette)
 Greenwood Coal Co.
 Hemlock Hollow Coal & Coke Co.
 Quinnimont Coal Co.

303.  LAX  (Logan)
 Eagle Island Coal Co.

304.  LAYLAND  (Fayette)
 No specific coal companies given.

305.  LAZEARVILLE  (Brooke)
 Gilchrest & Sons Coal Co.

               306.  LECKIE    (McDowell)
 West Virginia Pocahontas Coal Co.

307.  LEEVALE  (Raleigh)
 West Virginia Southern Coal Co.
 Leevale Collieries, Inc.

308.  LEGO  (Raleigh)
 Fire Creek Smokeless Fuel Co.

309.  LESLIE  (Greenbrier)
 Johnstown Coal & Coke Co.
 Nelson Fuel Co.

310.  LEX  (McDowell)
 Cardiff Pocahontas Coal Co.
 Hubbard Coal Co.
 Rocky Branch Pocahontas Coal Co.

311.  LICK FORK  (Fayette)
 Lick Fork Collieries Co.

312.  LICO  (Kanawha)
 Winifrede Black Band Mining co.

313.  LILLYBROOK  (Raleigh)
 Lilly Brook Coal Co

314.  LITWAR  (McDowell)
 Little War Creek Coal Co.

315.  LOCHGELLY  (Fayette)
 Stuart Colliery Co.
 New River Co.

316.  LOGAN  (Logan)
 Alma Eagle Coal Co.
 Aracoma Coal Co.
 Eagle Block Coal Co.
 H.T. Wilson Coal Co.
 Snap Creek Coal Co.
 Standard Bituminous Mines, Inc.
 Sunbeam Coal Mining, Inc.

317.  LONGACRE  (Fayette)
      Kanawha & Hocking Coal & Coke
 Semet-Solvay Co.

318.  LONG BRANCH  (Fayette)
 CCB Smokeless Coal Co.

319.  LORADO  (Logan)
 Lorado Coal & Dock Co.
 Lorado Coal Mining Co.

320.  LOST CREEK  (Harrison)
 California Coal Co.
 Long Fuel Co.

321.  LOWE  (Mercer)
 Weyanoke Coak & Coke Co.

322.  LOWESVILLE  (Monongalia)
 Crown Coal Co.

323.  LUMBERPORT  (Harrison)
 Hutchinson Coal Co.
 Seminole Gas Coal Co.

324.  LUNDALE  (Logan)
 Amherst Coal Co.
 Logan County Coal Corp.
 Lundale Coal Co.

325.  LYBURN  (Logan)
 Avis Eagle Coal Co.
 Croatan Coal Co.
 Lyburn Mines Inc.
 Rich Creek Coal Co.

326.  LYONSVILLE  (Nicholas)
 No specific coal companies given

327.  MABEN  (Wyoming)
 West Gulf Coal Co.
 Gulf Mining Company West

328.  MABIE  (Randolph)
 A. Spates Brady Mines.
 West Virginia Coal & Coke Corp.

329.  MABSCOTT  (Raleigh)
 Mabscott Coal & Coke Co.

330.  MacBETH  (Logan)
 Hutchinson Coal Co.

331.  MACCO  (Lincoln)
 Lincoln Coal & Coke Co.

332.  MacDONALD  (Fayette)
 MacDonald Colliery Co.

333.  MADELEINE  (Raleigh)
 Malcolm Smokeless Coal Co.

334.  MADISON  (Boone)
 Madison Mining Co.
 Murphy Coal Co.

335.  MAHAN  (Fayette)
 Christian Colliery Co.
 Kreb's Mine

336.  MAIDSVILLE  (Monongalia)
 Edna Gas Coal Co.
 Rosedale Coal Co.
 Rosevale Coal Co.
 Robinson Run Coal Co.

337.  MAITLAND  (McDowell)
 Houston collieries Co.

338.  MALCO  (Raleigh)
 Malcolm Smokeless Coal Co.

339.  MALDEN  (Kanawha)
 Pioneer Coal Co.

340.  MALLORY  (Logan)
 Clean Eagle Coal Co.
 Mallory Coal Co.

341.  MAMMOTH  (Kanawha)
      Kanawha & Hocking Coal & Coke
 Warner Collieries Co.

342.  MANBAR  (Logan)
 Logan Chilton Coal Co.

343.  MANILLA  (Putman)
 Plymouth Coal & Mining Co.

344.  MARFORK  (Raleigh)
 Marsh Fork Coal Co.
 West Virginia Southern Coal Co.

345.  MARFRANCE  (Greenbrier)
 Margarette Coal Co.

346.  MARIANNA  (Wyoming)
 Marianna Smokeless Coal Co.

347.  MARTING  (Fayette)
 Columbus Iron & Steel Co.

348.  MARTIN ROAD  (Marion)
 Robert Love Coal & Coke Co.
         (Later it had the name NORA mine and  also WILLIAMS mine. 
Consol Co. had it during one of these, believe it was when it 
was called WILLIAMS)
349.  MARYTOWN  (McDowell)
 Kingston-Pocahonatas Coal co.
 Solvay Collieries Co.

350.  MATEWAN  (Mingo)
 Allburn Coal & Coke Co.
 Lynn Coal & Coke Co.
 New Howard Coal Co.
 Stone Mountain Coal Corp.

351.  MATOAKA  (Mercer)
 Pawama Coal & Coke Co.

 Borgman Coal Co.

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