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Listed by County

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Submitted by: Frieda Davison
This list provides the name of county followed by the town/village and then the names of the coal companies that operated in that town. This information was gleaned from Edkin's Catalogue of Coal Scrip which is used by the National Scrip Collectors Association.

No County Given
 BEND (no county given)
  Spruce Bend Coal Co.
  Pecks Coal Co.
 DIXIE (No county given)
  Bell Creek Lumber Co.
                No specific coal companies given.
      HICKORY CAMP  (No county given)
  Paint Creek Collieries
  Parsons Coal Co.
 IFRAGREE (No county given)
  Cranberry Fuel Co.
  Pennois Coal & Coke Co.
 SUMMERVILLE (No county given)
  Oglebay Norton Co.
 WALNUT HILLS (No county given)
  Walnut Hills Coal Co.

 BROWNTON  (Barbour)
  Taggert Coal Co.
 CENTURY  (Barbour)
  Century Coal Co.
 GALLOWAY  (Barbour)
  Simpson Creek Collieries Co.
 MERIDEN  (Barbour)
  Lee J. Sandridge Coal Co.
  Meriden Coal Mining Co.
 WEAVER  (Barbour)
       No specific coal companies given.

 ACTMAN (Boone)
  Pinnacle Block Coal Co.
 ALTMAN (Boone)
  Peak Coal Co.
  Brush Creek Coal Co.
 CAMEO  (Boone)
  Cameo Splint Coal Co.
  Halcon Coal Co.
 DARTMONT  (Boone)
  Orlandi Coal Co.
  R.B. Jones Coal Co.
 DOBRA CAMP  (Boone)
       Boone County Coal
 GARRISON  (Boone)
  Webb Coal Mining Co.
 GORDON  (Boone)
  Detroit Mining Co.
  Valco Coal Co.
 HIGHCOAL  (Boone)
  Anchor Coal Co.
  Leevale Coal Co.
 JAVINS  (Boone)
  Bull Creek Mining Co.
  Javins Coal Co.
 JEFFREY  (Boone)
  Spruce River Coal Co.
 KEITH  (Boone)
  Columbus-Darby Coal Co.
  Hopkins Fork Coal Co.
  Keith Coal Mining Co.
 LAVILLE  (Boone)
  Warner Block Coal Co.
 MADISON  (Boone)
  Madison Mining Co.
  Murphy Coal Co.
 MORDUE  (Boone)
  Mordue Collieries Co.
  Horse Creek Block Coal Co.
 NELLIS  (Boone)
  American Rolling Mill Co.
 ORGAS  (Boone)
  Vermillion Coal Co.
 OTTAWA  (Boone)
  Coal River Co.
 PRENTER  (Boone)
  Big Mountain Coals
  Coal River Collieries
  The Collieries Co.
  Red Parrot Coal Co.
  Sharlow Gas Coal Co.
 RAMAGE  (Boone)
  Spruce River Coal Co.
  Ridgeview Coal Co.
  Dell Coal Co.
 RUMBLE  (Boone)
  Coal River Collieries Co.
 SECOAL  (Boone)
  Standard Eagle Coal Co.
 SETH  (Boone)
  Coal River Collieries Co.
  Laurel Creek Fuel Co.
 SHAMROCK  (Boone)
  Eagle Mines, Inc.
  R.R. Smith Coal Co.
 SHARLOW  (Boone)
  Sharlow Gas Coal Co.
 SILUSH  (Boone)
  Scott Coal Co.
  Siler Coal Corp.
       West Virginia Southern Coal Co.
 VAN  (Boone)
       Youghiogheny & Ohio Coal Co.
  S. & G. Coal Co.
  Seng Creek Coal Co.
       West Virginia Southern Coal Co.

 BOWER  (Braxton)
  Copen Gas Coal Mines
 BRAXTON  (Braxton)
  Brown & Wood Store
 PALMER (Braxton)
       Hollywood Lumber & Coal Co.
 SUTTON  (Braxton)
  Sutton Chemical Co.

  Gilchrest & Sons Coal Co.
 WELLSBURG  (Brooke)
  A. Gilchrest & Son Coal Co.
  Standard Mining Co.

 BEN TREE  (Clay)
  Coal Bell Coal Co.
  No company names given
 CLAY  (Clay)
  Elliott Splint Coal Co.
 DORFEE  (Clay)
  Fairfax Collieries Co.
  Thompson Block Coal Co.
 DUNDON  (Clay)
  Elk River Coal & Lumber Co.
  Hartland Coal Co.
  Jones Winifrede Coal Co.
  Midlothian Jewel Coal Co.
  J.W. Hanson & Son Mine
  Elk River Coal & Lumber Co.
 UPWOOD  (Clay)
  Kanawha Standard Coal Co.
 WIDEN  (Clay)
  Elk River Coal & Lumber Co.

 ANSTED  (Fayette)
  Gauley Mountain Coal Co.
  Mill Creek Colliery Co.
 BACHMAN  (Fayette)
  Atlantic Coal & Iron Co.
  Maryland Coal Mining Co.
 BEARDS FORK  (Fayette)
  Loup Creek Colliery Co.
 BELLWOOD  (Fayette)
  Bellwood Coal Co.
  Dorkent Coal Co.
  Greenbrier Colliery
 BEURY  (Fayette)
  Southern Smokeless Coal Co.
 BONCAR  (Fayette)
  Electro Metallurgical Co.
  West Virginia Eagle Coal Co.
 BOOMER  (Fayette)
  Boomer Coal & Coke Co.
 BOONE  (Fayette)
          Maryland New River Coal Co.
 CANNELTON  (Fayette)
  Cannelton Coal & Coke Co.
 CARBONDALE  (Fayette)
       Kanawha & Hocking Coal and Coke Co.
 CARLISLE  (Fayette)
  White Oak Fuel Co.
 CLAREMONT  (Fayette)
  Beechwood Coal & Coke Co.
 CLIFFTOP  (Fayette)
  Babcock Coal & Coke Co.
 CONCHO  (Fayette)
  Consolidated Coal Co.
               Rock Lick Smokeless Coal Co.
 CUNARD (Fayette)
  Coal Run Coal Co.
 DERRYHALE  (Fayette)
  McKell Coal & Coke Co.
 DUNLOOP  (Fayette)
  Dunn Loop Coal & Coke Co.
 EAGLE  (Fayette)
  Big Mountain Coal Co.
               Kanawha Rail & River Coal Co.
 ELK RIDGE  (Fayette)
       Black Betsy Consolidated Coal Co.
           Indian Run Collieries Co.
 ELMO  (Fayette)
  Elmo Mining Co.
 ELVERTON  (Fayette)
  Branch Coal & Coke Co.
 ERSKINE  (Fayette)
  Lotts Creek Coal Co.
  Thurmond Coal Co.
 EXPORT  (Fayette)
  Export Coal Co.
 FAYETTE  (Fayette)
  Ajax Coal Co.
       No specific coal companies given.
 FINLOW  (Fayette)
  Scotia Coal & Coke Co.
 FT. DEFIANCE  (Fayette)
       Fort Defiance Coal & Coke Co.
 GAMOCA  (Fayette)
  Midvale Colliery Co.
 GARTEN  (Fayette)
               No specific coal companies given.
 GLEN FERRIS  (Fayette)
  Electro Metallurgical Co.
 GLEN JEAN  (Fayette)
  C.P. Callaway Coal Co.
  Collins Colliery Co.
  New River Co.
  Nichol Colliery Co.
 HAREWOOD  (Fayette)
       Kanawha & Hocking Coal & Coke Co.
 HARVEY  (Fayette)
           DeWitt Fuel Co.
          Harvey Coal & Coke Co.
           New River Co.
  Ingram Branch Coal Co.
  Mary Frances Coal Co.
 JODIE  (Fayette)
  Gauley Mountain Coal Co.
 KAYMOOR  (Fayette)
  Low Moor Iron Co.
 KILSYTH  (Fayette)
  McKell Coal & Coke Co.
  New River Co.
 KIMBERLY  (Fayette)
  Indian Run Collieries Co.
 KINGSTON  (Fayette)
       Kingston-Pocahontas Coal Co.
           Solvay Collieries
 LANDISBURG  (Fayette)
  Babcock Coal & Coke Co.
 LAUREL CREEK  (Fayette)
  Laurel Creek Coal Co.
 LAWTON  (Fayette)
  Greenwood Coal Co.
       Hemlock Hollow Coal & Coke Co.
  Quinnimont Coal Co.
 LAYLAND  (Fayette)
       No specific coal companies given
 LICK FORK  (Fayette)
  Lick Fork Collieries Co.
 LOCHGELLY  (Fayette)
  Stuart Colliery Co.
  New River Co.
 LONGACRE  (Fayette)
       Kanawha & Hocking Coal & Coke Co.
  Semet-Solvay Co.
 LONG BRANCH  (Fayette)
  CCB Smokeless Coal Co.
 MacDONALD  (Fayette)
  MacDonald Colliery Co.
 MAHAN  (Fayette)
  Christian Colliery Co.
  Kreb's Mine
 MARTING  (Fayette)
  Columbus Iron & Steel Co.
  Beelick Knob Coal Co.
       Pocahontas Smokeless Coal Co.
 MILBURN  (Fayette)
       Milburn By-Products Coal Co.
 MINDEN  (Fayette)
       New River and Pocahontas Consolidated Colliery Co.
 MONTGOMERY  (Fayette)
  Eureka Coal Co.
 MORGANETTE  (Fayette)
  Morganette Coal Co.
 MT. HOPE  (Fayette)
   Lee Coal Co.
  New River Co.
  Eli Smokeless Fuel Co.
  Fordson Coal Co.
  Maryland New River Coal Co.
  New River Smokeless Coal Co.
  Stover Coal Co.
  Thurmond New River Coal Co.
 PAGE  (Fayette)
  Loup Creek Colliery Co.
  Page Mining Co.
 POWELLTON  (Fayette)
       Elkhorn Piney Coal Mining Co.
 PRUDENCE  (Fayette)
  New River Co.
  Prudence Coal Co.
 QUINNIMONT  (Fayette)
  Quinnimont Coal Co.
 RED STAR  (Fayette)
  Star Coal & Coke Co.
 ROBSON  (Fayette)
  Mary Frances Coal Co.
 SCARBRO  (Fayette)
  New River Co.
  White Oak Fuel Co.
 SECOMA  (Fayette)
  Sewell Valley Coal Co.
  West Virginia Pocahontas Collieries Co.
 SEWELL  (Fayette)
  Babcock Coal & Coke Co.
 SMITHERS  (Fayette)
  W.R.Johnson Coal Co.
 STONE BRANCH  (Fayette)
  R.R. Smith Coal Co.
  Stone Branch Coal Co.
 STONE CLIFF  (Fayette)
  C.A. Brockman Inc. Mine
  Pugh Coal Co.
  West Virginia Coal Co.
 SUMMERLEE  (Fayette)
  New River Co.
  Stuart Colliery Co.
 SUN  (Fayette)
  New River Colliery Co.
 THAYER  (Fayette)
   Ephraim Creek Coal & Coke Co.
 THURMOND  (Fayette)
  Cadle Ridge Coal Co.
  Fort Branch Collieries Co.
  Weewin Coal Co.
 TOURISON  (Fayette)
       No specific coal companies given.
 TRACE FORK  (Fayette)
  Trace Fork Coal Co.
 TURKEY KNOB  (Fayette)
  Turkey Knob Coal Co.
 VANETTA  (Fayette)
  Lynchburg Colliery Co.
 WESTERLY  (Fayette)
       Kingston-Pocahontas Coal Co.
  Solvay Collieries Co.
 WHIPPLE  (Fayette)
  New River Co.
  White Oak Fuel Co.
  Hill Anderson Coal Co.
  Willis Branch Coal Co.
 WINONA  (Fayette)
  Keeney's Creek Colliery Co.
  Maryland New River Coal Co.
 WYNDAL  (Fayette)
  Deitz Colliery Co.

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