List of Coal Mines

Listed by County

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Submitted by: Frieda Davison

  Chesapeake Mine
  Bethlehem Mines Corp.
 BAXTER  (Marion)
  Consolidation Coal Co.
 CAROLINA  (Marion)
  Consolidation Coal Co.
 EVERSON  (Marion)
  Harry B. Coal Co., Jr. Mine.
 FAIRMONT  (Marion)
  Domestic Coke Corporation
       Georges Creek Coal & Iron
 GASKILL  (Marion)
  Consolidation Coal Co.
 GRANT TOWN  (Marion)
                No specific coal companies
 HIGHLAND  (Marion)
  Consolidation Coal Co.
  Consolidation Coal Co.
 IDAMAY  (Marion)
  Consolidation Coal Co.
 JORDAN  (Marion)
  New Byrne Coal Co.
 KINGMONT  (Marion)
               Virginia & Pittsburgh Coal &
          Coke Co.
 MARTIN ROAD  (Marion)
        Robert Love Coal & Coke Co.
    (Later it had the name NORA mine and  also WILLIAMS mine. 
Consol Co. had it during one of these, believe it was when it 
was called WILLIAMS)
 MONONGAH  (Marion)
  Consolidation Coal Co.
  Frances Fuel Co.
  Monongah Coal & Coke Co.
 MONTANA  (Marion)
  Consolidation Coal Co.
  Continental Coal Co.
 RACHEL  (Marion)
  Jones Collieries Inc.
  Rachel Gas Coal Co.
  Consolidation Coal Co.
  Continental Coal Corp.
       Fairmont & Cleveland Coal
       Virginia & Pittsburg Coal &
     Coke Co.
 SCOTTDALE  (Marion)
  Morgantown Gas Coal Co.
 WATSON  (Marion)
  Consolidation Coal Co.

 GLENDALE  (Marshall)
  Glendale Coal Co.
  Glendale Gas Coal Co.
 MOUNDSVILLE  (Marshall)
  Mound Coal Co.

          Crescent Coal & Salt Co.

 ALGOMA  (McDowell)
           Algoma Coal & Coke Co.
 ASCO  (McDowell)
  Atlantic Smokeless Coal Co.
 ASHLAND  (McDowell)
  Ashland Coal & Coke Co.
 AVONDALE  (McDowell)
  Garland Pocahontas Coal Co.
  Mountain State Coal Corp
 BARTLEY  (McDowell)
  Pond Creek Pocahontas Co.
 BERWIND  (McDowell)
       New River & Pocahonatas
     Consolidated Coal
 BIG FOUR  (McDowell)
  By-Products Pocahontas Co.
  Cirrus Coal & Coke Co.
 BIG SANDY  (McDowell)
  Hampton Roads Colleries Co.
               Kingston-Pocahontas Coal
  Solvay Collieries Co.
 CANEBRAKE  (McDowell)
               New River & Pocahontas
          Consolidated Coal
 CAPELS  (McDowell)
  Central Pocahontas Coal Co.
 CARETTA  (McDowell)
  Carter Coal Co.
  Consolidation Coal Co.
 COALWOOD  (McDowell)
  Carter Coal Co.
  Consolidation Coal Co.
  Olga Coal Co.
 CRUMPLER  (McDowell)
  United Pocahontas Coal Co.
          CUCUMBER  (McDowell)
               Litz-Smith Pocahontas Coal
 DAN  (McDowell)
  Bradshaw Coal Co.
 DAVY  (McDowell)
               Davy Crocket Coal & Coke
  Joe Perkins Coal Co.
  Superior Pocahontas Coal Co.
 DEEGANS  (McDowell)
  New Pocahontas Coal Co.
 ECKMAN  (McDowell)
  Eureka Coal & Coke Co.
  Pulaski Iron Co.
 ELKHORN  (McDowell)
  Crozer Coal & Coke Co.
  Houston Coal & Coke Co.
  Upland Coal & Coke Co.
 ENGLISH  (McDowell)
  Bare Pocahontas Coal Co.
  Flat Top Coal Mining Co.
 ENNIS  (McDowell)
  Turkey Gap Coal & Coke Co.
 EXCELSIOR  (McDowell)
       Excelsior Pocahontas Coal
 FILBERT (McDowell)
  U.S. Steel Mines
 GARLAND (McDowell)
  Webb Coal Mining Co.
 HAMLET  (McDowell)
  Babcock Coal & Coke Co.
       Glade Creek Coal & Lumber
 HARTWELL  (McDowell)
               No specific coal companies
 HAVACO  (McDowell)
               No specific coal companies
 HEMPHILL  (McDowell)
       Kingston-Pocahontas Coal Co.
  Solvay Collieries Co.
 HENSLEY  (McDowell)
       Jewett Bigelow & Brooks
     Coal Co.
 IAEGER  (McDowell)
               Ideal Red Ash Pocahontas
          Coal Co.
  Krolitz Mining Co.
  Little War Creek Coal Co.
  Virginia Red Ash Coal Co.
 ISABAN  (McDowell)
  Isaban Coal Company
  Pocahontas Fuel Co.
 JUVERNA  (McDowell)
  Marine Smokeless Coal Co.
 KEYSTONE  (McDowell)
  Keystone Coal & Coke Co.
 KIMBALL  (McDowell)
  Houston Collieries Co.
  King Coal Co.
  Tidewater Coal & Coke Co.
 KYLE  (McDowell)
  Lynchburg Coal & Coke Co.
 LANDGRAFF  (McDowell)
  Empire Coal & Coke Co.
  Vera Pocahontas Coal Co.
 LECKIE (McDowell)
                West Virginia Pocahontas
          Coal Co.
 LEX  (McDowell)
  Cardiff Pocahontas Coal Co.
  Hubbard Coal Co.
       Rocky Branch Pocahontas
     Coal Co.
 LITWAR  (McDowell)
  Little War Creek Coal Co.
 MAITLAND  (McDowell)
  Houston collieries Co.
 MARYTOWN  (McDowell)
               Kingston-Pocahonatas Coal
           Solvay Collieries Co.
 MAYBEURY  (McDowell)
  Elkhorn Coal & Coke Co.
  Elkhorn Colliery
 MOHAWK  (McDowell)
  Hardy Coal Co.
  Mohawk Coal & Coke Co.
 MOHEGAN  (McDowell)
  Monarch Smokeless Coal Co.
  Pands Coal Co.
  Welch Pocahontas Coal Co.
 NACOLS  (McDowell)
  Pocahontas Mining Co.
 NEWHALL  (McDowell)
       No specific coal companies
 NORTH FORK  (McDowell)
  Greenbrier Coal & Coke Co.
 PAGETON  (McDowell)
  Page Coal & Coke Co.
 PANTHER  (McDowell)
  Lathrop Coal Co.
  Panther Coal Co.
  Panther Red Ash Coal Co.
 POWHATAN  (McDowell)
  Powhatan Coal & Coke Co.
  Baldwin Pocahontas Coal Co.
       Fall River Pocahontas Colliery
  Lynwin Pocahontas Coal Co.
  Silver Creek Mining Co.
 SIX  (McDowell)
  Carter Coal Co.
  Consolidation Coal Co.
 SQUIRE  (McDowell)
       Jacob's Fork Pocahontas Coal
 SUPERIOR  (McDowell)
  Lake Superior Coal Co.
 TWIN BRANCH  (McDowell)
  Fordson Coal Co.
       Jewett Bigelow & Brooks
     Coal Co.
 VIVIAN  (McDowell)
       Bottom Creek Coal & Coke
  Peerless Coal & Coke Co.
  Pocahontas Corp.
 WAR  (McDowell)
  Warrior Coal Co.
  William Pocahontas Coal Co.
 WELCH  (McDowell)
  Houston Coal Co.
  Junior Pocahontas Coal Co.
  Walter F. Patterson Co.
     Collieries Co.
 WILMORE  (McDowell)
       Wilmore Pocahontas Coal
 WORTH  (McDowell)
  Roanoke Coal & Coke Co.
  United Pocahontas Coal Co.
 YERBA  (McDowell)
  Marine Smokeless Coal Co.
 YUKON  (McDowell)
  Buchanan Coal Co.
  Carter Coal Co., Inc.
  Dry Fork Colliery Co.
  Harman Pocahontas Coal Co.
  Yukon Pocahontas Coal Co.

 ALGONQUIN  (Mercer)
           Algonquin Coal & Coke Co.
  Lamar Colliery Co.
 ARISTA (Mercer)
  S.J. Patterson Pocahontas Co.
  Weyanoke Coal & Coke Co.
 BLUEFIELD  (Mercer)
  Patsy Small & Co.
 COOPERS  (Mercer)
  Mill Creek Coal & Coke Co.
 CRANE CREEK  (Mercer)
  American Coal Co.
 CRYSTAL  (Mercer)
  Crystal Coal & Coke Co.
 DOTT  (Mercer)
  Turkey Gap Coal & Coke Co.
 FREEMAN  (Mercer)
       Booth-Bowen Coal & Coke
  Buckeye Coal & Coke Co.
 GIATTO  (Mercer)
  Weyanoke Coal & Coke Co.
  Thomas Coal Co.
 GODFREY  (Mercer)
  Godfrey Coal Co.
 GOODWILL  (Mercer)
  Louisville Coal & Coke Co.
  Winding Gulf Collieries
 HIAWATHA  (Mercer)
  Ennis Coal Co.
  Smokeless Coal & Coke Co.
  Weyanoke Coal & Coke Co.
 LAMAR  (Mercer)
  Lamar Colliery Co.
 LOWE  (Mercer)
  Weyanoke Coak & Coke Co.
 MATOAKA  (Mercer)
  Pawama Coal & Coke Co.
 McCOMAS  (Mercer)
  American Coal Co.
  Thomas Coal Co.
 PIEDMONT  (Mercer)
  American Coal Co.
 PINNACLE  (Mercer)
  American Coal Co.
 SPRINGTON  (Mercer)
       Kingston-Pocahontas Coal Co.
  Solvay Collieries Co.
 WENONAH  (Mercer)
  Turkey Gap Coal & Coke Co.
 WIDEMOUTH  (Mercer)
  American Coal Co.

 BARNUM  (Mineral)
  Monroe Coal Mining Co.
 BERYL  (Mineral)
  Silver Coal Co.
          BLAINE  (Mineral)
           Blaine Mining Co.
          Hamill Coal & Coke Co.
           R.A. Smith Coal Co.
 ELK GARDEN  (Mineral)
  A.G. Barrick Coal Co.
  Buxton & Landstreet Co.
 EMORYVILLE  (Mineral)
  Carroll Cross Coal Co.
 GLEASON  (Mineral)
  Gleason Coal & Coke Co.
 HARRISON  (Mineral)
  Eddy Coal Co.
 HUBBARD  (Mineral)
  Upper Potomac Coal Co.
 KEYSER  (Mineral)
  Masteller Coal Co.
 OAKMONT  (Mineral)
       Abrams Creek Coal & Coke
  Ajax Coal Co.
  Eddy Coal Co.
  Oakmont Smokeless Fuel Co.
  United Coal Co.
 SAVAGE  (Mineral)
  Davis Coal & Coke Co.
 SHAW  (Mineral)
       No specific coal companies

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