Henry Goodman

This is a tribute to our father Henry Goodman 1918-1991 pictured here with mom Lola Goodman shortly before they were married in 1946 in Logan Co WV, they had 5 daughters Lottie Marie, Brenda Lou, Sandra Jean, Reta Gale and me Beatrice Ann. They also adopted 4 boys Emmett Eugene, Franklin Edward, Morris Michael Dale and Joshua David...This little story that Sandy wrote shortly after dad's death tells a little about how much we miss and love our dad and a lot about who and what he was........
An unforgettable person is one that stays inside you throughout your life. Not one that is a hero for a week or does something to make it in the history books. These people are everyday people. Like the person you go to when you need someone to lean on.
My most unforgetable person was an orphan at age 8 when his mother died from child birth and his father remarried soon after and put his children out to the mercy of the world. We all can remember the storys of how he slept in graveyards, in corn fields or even under peoples porches when it rained. He told of the kind people who would occasionally offer him a warm meal.At age 10 he got his 1st job in the Coal Mines, he worked as a miner till 1941 when he entered the US Army to fight for his country that he dearly loved. He fought for 4 years in WWII and proved once again that he was a survivor. He came home in 1945 and met his wife to be fell in Love and married her on 6-12-1946..he went back to the coal mines since it was all he knew, and they had 5 daughters and adopted 4 sons..He worked every day down deep in those mines just to give them what they needed, with never a complaint..
Then all the years of breathing coal dust and working in those deep dark places took thier toll. The Drs. told him he had Cancer, Blacklung and a Heart Condition and that it wouldnt be long..Oh the suffering he had to endure those last 3 months of life was greater than anyman should have to bear. His worn body racked with pain and the glow of life was leaving those old grey eyes but he was a survivor to the end.
As he looked up from the bed where he lay into the faces of his children and wife of 46 yrs. he annouced that he was going home, then quietly slipped away..no more does he have to struggle to survive, to eat or sleep in warm bed. He is forever in the warmth and loving arms of his mother whom he longed to see.
He was and always will be an inspiration to us, our children , thier children and anyone who ever had the pleasure of being touch by him either in friendship or family because this unforgettable person was a very loving and giving Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Friend and most of all a survivor ........
Submitted by: sandra wallace

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