Coal Miner's Photos

Picture taken 1920-1922 at Kaymoor Mine
Fayette Co. West Virginia
Submitted by: Dan Cook
Miner's Names Below the Picture

Coal Miner's Photo

Front Row Kneeling:

1) Harry Garten
2) Ed Cunningham
3) Vaughn "Jack" Sanger, s/o John Sanger who died in a mining accident 
   of a broken back, married Mabel Lavinder d/o Lewis Marshall Lavinder
4) Marion Wright
5) Howard Klingham
6) Skeezix the Russian, returned to his native land and was killed 
   there in the turbulant 1920s
7) Clarence Epperley, may be connected to the Lavinders thru the 
   Penningtons of Fayette Co

Back Row Standing:

8) Hazel McDaniel
9) William Swanigan Sr., may also be connected to the Lavinders 
   thru the Penningtons of Fayette Co.
10) Clifford Lavinder Sr. died November 1922 from complications 
    of a gunshot wound to the head related to his activities during 
    the West Virginia Mine Wars.
11) Evert Pennington married Rosie Swanigan, Everts little 
    sister Pearl married Walter Lavinder grandson of Lewis 
    Marshall Lavinder
12) William Joe Smith
13) H. F. Cavendish
14) Lewis Marshall Lavinder (My Gr Gr grandfather), Patriarch 
    of the Lavinder clan of Fayette Co., West Virginia. He and 
    his sons were involved in the West Virginia Mine Wars. Most 
    of his sons were coal miners at one time or another.
15) John Peter Law
16) Jim Reed

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