Hudson Family Miners

Charles Henry Hudson, born Dec. 17, 1854 at Danville, VA., died June 30, 1925 at Cannelton, Fayette County, WV. He was foreman of the mule stables of Cannelton Coal and Coke Company from about 1905 to 1915. We honor the memory of this gentle, loving man, our grandfather and great grandfather. Charles Henry was buried in the Dunn Cemetery.
Charles William "Booker" Hudson, eldest son of Charles Henry Hudson and Marinda Ellen Chapman Hudson, was the victim of accidental electrocution at the Kanawha Gas Mine, Sept. 21, 1904, Longacre, WV. "Booker," who died at age 27, had been a miner since age 15. He is buried at Dunn cemetery.
John McConnihay Hudson, 4th child of Charles Henry Hudson, was born May 5 at Red House, Putnam County, WV; died Feb. 28, 1949, at Charleston, WV. At age ten"Johnny" began work as a "Trapper Boy" at Cannelton Coal and Coke Company, but by early adulthood he had attained the position of mine foreman. Thanks to his example, I went on to successful careers as an Air Force Officer and Ph.D Psychologist.
Wilson Hudson, born Feb. 24, 1913 at Cannelton, WV, died Mar 5, 1964 at Charleston, WV. In addition to being a fireboss at Cannelton Coal and Coal Company, Wilson was a fine guitarist, a loving father and Baptist deacon. His exceptional musical talents live on today in several of descendants. He was laid to rest in Montgomery Memorial Gardens in Mar., 1964.
Leon Hudson and Rev. Charles M. Hudson, two other sons of John M. Hudson, also worked in the Cannelton Coal and Coke Company mines. Leon, a surveyor, was buried at Sissonville, WV. The Rev. Charles M. Hudson was laid to rest in a cemetery near Charleston, WV.
Submitted by: Bert W. Hudson, Ph.D. USAF Major (Retired)

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