Coal Miners' Memorials

Please submit a biographical sketch, or memorial, obit or photo for your West Virginia Coal Miner ancestors or their wives to this site. Please send them to Gracie Stover at and they will be posted here.

Photos of the Memorial for the Eccles Mining Disaster in 1914

Allman, Henry
Alman, Lawrence
Aliff, Arthur
Aliff, James A.
Bailey, Colbert
Ball, Herbert Orlando
Bachtel, Bill
Blankenship, John
Blair, James
Broughman, Arthur William
Burkhammer, Charlie S
Cavendish, H. F.
Cobb, Okey Warren
Cole, Joe
Cooper, Scott
Cunningham, Ed
Deel, Howard A.
Dempsey, Roy
Donaldson, J.C "RED
Drummond, Daniel Kenneth
Epperley, Clarence
Ellison, Lundy L
Elza, Eli
Filipek, Anton
Frye, Johnnie and Grace Bell Artist
Gauer, Bailey
Goodman, Henry
Goodman, Ed
Gower, Jacob
Green, Andy
Green, Duffy
Garten, Harry
Hackney, Perry
Hale, Wesley
Hall, Dennis and Mae
Hendricks, Harold
Holcomb, Clyde Edward
Hudson, Charles William
Hudson, Six Family Members
Humphrey, Jim
Jarrell, Lewis
Johnson, Danny Ray
Keck, William Howard
King, Charles Edward
Klingham, Howard
Lavinder Sr, Clifford
Lavinder, Lewis Marshall
Lowery, William
Lycans, Jasper Sr
Law, John Peter
McBryde, Patrick
McDaniel, Hazel
Henson, Grant
McGinnis, Dovenor Dayton
McHenry, Warder Clark
Mocepius, Julius
Monway, Carl Jackson
Moter, Sheridan and David Ellis
Nicholson, Earl
Owens,Grover Cleve
Patton, Hayden
Pennington, Evert
Piechowicz, Jan (John)
Rakes, David
Reed, Jim
Riffle, Ralph Harding
Riffe, William Harvey
Robinson, James
Rookard, Marion Francis
Memorial in front of the CourtHouse
in Madison - capital of
Boone County, West Virginia
Donated by: Joy Lacy Kempf

Sanger, Vaughn "Jack"
Singleton, Dewey and Everett
Skaggs, Hilmer Warren
Skeezix the Russian
Smallman, Curtis Lee
Smith, Arthur Brownlow
Smith, William Joe
Stewart, Neely Ulysses
Shackelford, James Leroy (Roy)
Stover, Tom (Linville G)
Stover, Raymond lewis
Swanigan Sr, William
Urban, Peter
Walker, Harold Simon
Webb, Clarence Samuel
White, Jack
Whitt, Alva Waltonl
Wilks, Albert
Williams, Rodney
Wiseman, Daniel Marshall
Wright, Marion
Young, Russell
Zervos, Peter

WV Coal Mining

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