Montcoal, Raleigh Co, Mining Disaster

April 5, 2010

On April 5, 2010, tragedy struck in the Montcoal Community, when there was an explosion at the Upper Big Branch Coal Mine, which is part of the Montcoal Mine. Twenty nine are now confirmed dead. Two men who were at the entrance of the mine have survived. They searched for four missing men, but they have been found, and this brought the number up to the 29. My heart and prayers go out to the men and to their families. This is the area where I grew up and where I went to school.
Photo by Sam Carter
The miner's names are listed below, with a link to more information on that miner. If you have photos of the men, obits or stories about the men, please send to Gracie Stover to be posted here. I will add the names and other information as I receive them.

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