Sheridan and David Ellis Moter

David Ellis Moter
Sheridan Moter

The following article appeared in the Fayette County, West Virginia Newspaper
The Fayette Tribune on February 3, 1926.
Slatefall Kills Two
A fall of slate in the Cadle Ridge mine on Loop Creek January 18, resulted in the death of Sheridan and David Ellis Moter, two brothers who were working close together. Sheridan was killed outright, and David died the next day from a broken back. Both men were married and had two small children.
The article was submitted by: Ellen Garnett Moter Kaufman , daughter of David Ellis Moter and her son Steven R. Kaufman, grandson of David Ellis Moter.
The photos were submitted by: Sandie Moter Wade who said, "David Ellis and Sheridan Moter both died as a result of the mining accident at Cadle Ridge, WV. My Grandfather, their brother, Dewey McKinley Moter, was standing beside them when the accident occurred. He was not injured in anyway. "

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