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Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the miners who perished in the explosion at Sago.If you wish to express your sadness and support for the families, send to Sago Memorial and it will be posted here. The messages are being compiled and posted by Gracie Stover and Anita Hill as quickly as possible.
The messages are pouring in, so if we accidently misplace your email, and you don't see it posted, then please resend. Thank you.

I just wanted to express my profound sadness to the citizens of West Virginia and particularly the families and friends of the miners who perished in the mine this week. I was unsure how exactly to contact anyone, so I did a search and ended up on your web site.
If you have an opportunity at all, please send my deepest sympathy to your miners and their families, and if there is any way, at all, that I can be of help or encouragement to them, please let me know. Thank you,
Lori Page
a caring neighbor in Virginia

Just want to say that my thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathy are with all the families. May god give you peace and strength and comfort your souls during this time of grief. I was born and raised in WV, growing up in a coal dad was a coal miner so it is heartfelt and somewhat hits home. My dad had a stroke in the mines and laid for many hours before anyone even knew and found him....he died 7 days later in the hospital never regaining conciousness. I know live in NC, but my heart is in WV. God Bless you all and stay strong!
Bobbi (Webb) Fischer

My daddy was a coal miner from West Virginia. I now live in Wyoming, another coal state. My heart breaks for those who lost someone in this disaster. I am sorry that it came down so hard after an uplift: that was hard enough to watch on TV, I can't imagine it being in my life.
A neighbor asked if I had been watching this, I said yes, my family is from West Virginia, my family is a coal mining family.
God bless you all who lost someone. After many losses in my life, and lots of thinking, I cannot help but believe that we will all be together one day. I cannot help but believe.
A big hug from the other coal state, all around and then again.
Anita Hill

would like to express my sadness on hearing of the mine disaster in West Virginia. My thoughts and prayers are with the Families of these 12 Men. God is Good and He will stand by you in this time of sorrow. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
A Friend in Southeastern Ohio

our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of this tragedy. we will keep you in our prayers.
The Latona family of Long Island, New York

My heart goes out to the families and friends of the miners, I'm sorry for your loss, they were strong and brave men to work for the mines. May you find peace and love.
For the family and friends of the survivor, my prayers are with you.
Teresa Bowles, Kansas

My daddy was a coal miner in West Virginia. He was a miner for over twenty years. I always thought my daddy would die in the coal mines,however he died of a very different tragedy.I come from West Virginia. I now live in North Carolina and my heart goes out to everyones families there.
I was just in absolute shock as i watched this story unfold on national tv. For i cried myself to sleep monday night to get four hours of sleep to see what i could find out tuesday morning on tv and all day tuesday,and at 11:49 p.m I felt such joy and relief only to learn of a miscommunication.
I really feel these men went in peace as if they just went to sleep. I know it does not make it easier, however they are with the best now the lord above. My heart is with every family member now and forever
... Sandy Hall North Carolina

I would like to send my condolences to all the families who lost a loved one in the mining disaster. I will be keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that Randal McCloy recovers fully.
To all the miners -Thank you for all your hard work and for working the mines. You are all appreciated!!! Sago will be in my prayers
Kathy in Redondo Beach, CA

To the Famlies of the 12 miners, I cannot express how strong my feelings our about the mining disaster. I live in Eccles, WV however, even though I was 100s of miles away from you all, I felt my heart was right there with you. I prayed and prayed along with you, and I still do so today. This is because I believe you deserve that. All of you were so brave. I look to every family with respect, and I greatly admire your faith. I can only say that God would not put you through something that you can not handle. Most importantly, my highest honors, and respect go to your loved ones. May God Bless You.
Wanda Morris

My heart aches for all the family members. My grandfather was killed in the WV coal mines so I grieve along with those coal miners families.
Terri Smith

Our thought and prayers go out to the miners and their families during this very tragic time. No words can express our feelings with this, just to let you know all of you are in our thoughts and prayers, stay strong, I pray God watches over all. Our prayers continue.
Caring neighbors in Apollo, Pa.

My name is Rhonda located in Norfolk, Va. I have been keeping up with this terrible tragedy since it all began, my heart goes out to all of the families and I know God will guide you all. These men risked their lives for all of us it takes so much ambition to do Coal Mining, I hope the laws change as far as violations meaning a Mine should be shut down period no " We felt it was safe". I know the men in West Virginia will continue working the Coal Mines because of the money but after this think of your family and be sure this is what you want to do. My thoughts and prayers with all of you, God Bless.

Dedicated to the twelve brave men and the one sole survivor of the Sago Mine.
We need to say goodbye, although you're still with us.
We stand beside your grave, yet you are still here.
We'll miss you terribly and hope you miss us,
But when we are in need, you'll always be near.
Day by day, night goes night, we'll talk to you, as though you live within us,
Time will never change that as our emotions are expressed on the outside.
Close in our hearts and in our souls,
You will continue to be our guide.
In many minds and hearts throughout the world, not only in ours.
Death is a dimension, not a line.
And so goodbye does not mean you are gone.
So long as we still love you, you live on. Godspeed!

God Bless,
The Murphy Family of Missouri

Dear Friends at Sago,

You are not alone. You have many people praying for you and thinking of you.
Ada Wilson Kent
Worthington, Ohio

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