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I know that this is the hardest thing any of you families has had to face..and i also know that God has a purpose in all things that happen wether good or bad and that this does not always go along with our plans for our lives...He knows things down the road of life we don't know, and He also knows that He made us for His purposes, not ours...We are here to do His purpose and will, and we can only walk with Him daily and keep Him in our hearts and do His will to the best of our ability..HE LOVES US, AND HE NEVER FORSAKES US, He is not punishing anyone, nor, did he take these men's is life and it's journey and we all fulfill life and death and God's purposes. We can be very proud of these men and the fact they do this job in the mines to help our Wv. and the nation with power sources to keep us in electric and fuel ...They are good hard working men and they are special and this tragedy may mean that we must work harder at changing mine regulations and safety even more and that there must be a dedicated group who we can trust to oversee the mines and the hazards that come up and make sure these type of tragedies don't happen again...MAYBE THIS WILL CAUSE NEW REGULATIONS AND NEW MINE EQUIPEMENT TO BE FORTH COMING, WHICH IN TURN WILL CAUSE MINING AND MINES TO BE SAFER...IF, THAT COMES ABOUT FROM THIS TRAGEDY ..THEN THESE MEN DID NOT DIE IN VAIN...God has his arms around these men and He will cause good to come from this....even though in grief we can not always see these things...God's arms are around you the families and He will give you peace and He will walk with you if you keep Him in your heart and make Him your center purpose , all else will work to the good, who love the LORD and keep His COMMANDMENTS...HE IS ALL, WE MUST TURN OURSELVES OVER TO HIM AND LET HIM BE IN CONTROL ...EVEN WHEN WE DON'T UNDERSTAND THE PURPOSE OF SOME OF THE THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN OUR LIVES AND JOURNEY....GOD WILL ALWAYS BE THERE WITH YOU AND LOVE YOU....JUST TRUST HIM !!!!!


To the many families who lost loved ones in this terrible tragedy, may you all find comfort from the many memories you hold of those dearest to you.
With Deepest Heartfelt Sympathy and Love,
A caring friend in Arizona

I now live in Indiana but came from McDowell County in WVa. I know the coal mining and have lost several family members in the mines. My heart is with all of you. Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and all. May God give you peace knowing they will be there to meet you on the other side and they went very peacefully.
God will take care you
Drema Arnold

As a granddaughter of a coal miner from Kentucky, who never knew him as he died from Black Lung, my heart aches for the families in WV. May God guide you and bless you through this very difficult time. You will be together again one day, I am sure of that.

Lisa Burton, North Carolina

I am so sorry for you people because your loved ones died.
Eva Pedrego
Willcox Az.

Words are so inadequate at times, but please know we are praying for the men that died in the accident and for their families that were left behind. You may be so angry with God right now, but he is not to blame. But He is the One who you should turn to for comfort. The greatest thing in life is to sacrifice your life for another. Which is what these men did everyday and that is what Christ did for us. I hope and pray that some peace can be found for us all.
LB in Florida

I can't even begin to express my heartfelt sympathy for the families of the Sago tragedy. I found it extremely upsetting,in the way that the announcements of survivors were announced and then taken back hours later. I can only imagine the shock and outrage the families felt through this time of tragedy. I was set back myself while watching this all unfold on television. All I ask and Pray for the families now is strength and comfort through these hard times, and for the families to keep God in their hearts and he will comfort you in this time of sorrow. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
The Riffle family of Point Pleasant, WV.

Prayers upon Prayers for Randal McCloy & his family. God Bless each man who has gone on to heaven. Sympathies for all of their families.
The Beard Family, Baltimore, MD.

We would like to send our Deepest Sympathy and our Blessing to all of the Families. The Country stood still on this black day ~ Please know that we are all praying for you and your love ones. They are gone but will never be forgotten
~~~~ The Dennison's New Hampshire

I would like to send my deepest sympathy to each and every person affected by this terrible tragedy. I am praying for you all.
Linda, West Virginia

I want to add my condolences to those other outpourings of sympathy and heartfelt compassion for the loved ones of the Sago mine disaster. I grew up in the coal fields of West Virginia and observed these times of distress over the fate of loved ones who worked so hard in the mines. I know the families are suffering pain that most of will never feel and never know the depth of it.
Just know that we are thinking of you and all of us would take away your pain if we could. We will keep you in our thoughts and our prayers. May God bless and comfort you in your time of need.
Herbert J Stover, RN

Dear Friends,
Our prayers and thoughts are with all of you. God Bless you and may he comfort you during your time of deep sadness. We are thinking of you and will be thinking of you for many months to come. God Bless you and may he take good care of you.
Peace on Earth,
Cindy Hoffman
Ted Hoffman
Chesterfield, Missouri

God bless the coal miners.
Bill Shervey

Just a short note to offer my prayers (and those of my family) and condolences to the families of all the miners who lost their lives in this explosion. We are thankful for those miners who made it out right after the explosion, and for the single survivor who is now fighting for his life in the hospital in Pennsylvania. Our prayers, thoughts & love go to his wife, mom, step-dad and other relatives. Our nation has gone through this with you by following everything on television; I know I myself was elated on Tuesday evening late when it was "reported" that the 12 miners were alive and then my hopes were dashed and I was crying when the truth was finally reported. I do not blame the media, the families or anyone else for this "error in communication." Under the circumstances, everyone there wanted the news to be oh so true!
My dad grew up in Pennsylvania; he was not a miner himself, but my grandfather and great-grandfather were. I do feel close to you people; not only as an American, but as a Christian and fellow human being.
May God continue to bless and be with the miners' families and the people of West Virginia.
With deepest condolences and love,
Barbara H. Needham
Beech Grove, Indiana 46107

My thoughts and prayers are with each of you. I thank you for what your Loved ones have done for the United States of America Energy. We have to trust that God has each of us in his hand. May all of this work for a bigger good. I lost my father at 5 yrs old, and although I am now over 60, I miss him and it has a definite effect on my life. He had worked in the mines in Arkansas. Life is but a moment and we will see them on the other side. May God Bless each of you.
Virginia Allen--Texas

I would like to send my condolences to all the families who lost a loved one in the mining disaster. I will be keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I also pray for Randal McCloy and his family that he makes a full recovery.
Marie McCarthy
Gatineau, Quebec

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