Tribute to the Coal Miners

And their loved ones left behind who mourn their passing

They lived and breathed the coal mines,
Each day midst doubts and fear.
Always mindful in the darkness,
Of the dangers lurking near.

There are no words to comfort,
Words can never match their grief,
The overwhelming sadness,
The monumental disbelief.

The joy of news their lives were spared,
The pain when hope was gone,
Is burned forever in their hearts,
There’ll be no moving on.

Thank God, there’s a place in Heaven
Where Coal Miners congregate,
Where the air is pure and there’s no night,
That’s just inside The Eastern Gate.

There the darkness will be vanished,
They will see no more black coal.
There the mining’s all been finished,
They will walk on streets of gold.

I believe The Master whispered,
As the angels gathered close,
“There are twelve brave miners coming,
Summon all the heavenly host.”

“We will welcome them to Heaven,
Guide them to the, “Miners Place,”
When the gates swing widely open,
We’ll begin to sing, “‘Amazing Grace.”

Author, Fran Maiers
Davison, Michigan
January 7, 2006

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