Our Coal Miner Men

Lord I know you know of the family men
That went into the mines and never came out again
Bless their loved ones who had to wait so long to see
Wondering was it a blessing (they got out) or was it tragedy?

Just making a living for their families there,
And I know every loved one was ever in Prayer.
It was their way of life back there in the hills
Of West Virginia, their guys had to pay the bills.

They knew it was danger it has always been,
From their great-granddads to the least of kin.
Some know nothing of danger for their loving man,
But the coal miners and wives know, they may not see each other again.

I pray ye God take charge of these hurt ones
Let them remember the loving husbands, brothers, sons
I can feel some of the hurt and I know America does too.
Keep your arms about these loved ones Lord, tell them what to do.

They are in shock we all know they have to be
Not expecting tragedy, they made supper eagerly.
Waited to dine with their loved ones this is true
That is what I believe I'd have done, wouldn't you?
God keep them all with you please....

Pearlie Duncan Walker Jan. 5, 2006

God, Bless each and every one of these crying hearts
I know, because my heart cries too... What if one were mine?
Pray for every family, every loved one please.
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