Prayer to Sign

This prayer is for the Sago Miners and for the Miners at Alma, and their families.
Almighty God, Father of all mercies and giver of all
comfort: Deal graciously, we pray for thee, who mourn
the lose of a loved one in the Sago Mine explosion and
for the lone survivor and his family, that casting
every care on thee, they may know the consolation of
thy love, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
1. Rev. Phil Dent, Ansted WV
2. Lacy Dent, Ansted WV
3. Stacy Dent, Ansted WV
4. Jimmy Deligne, WV
5. ED Deligne, WV
6. Broaddus Rutledge, Ansted WV
7. Rebecca Rutledge, Ansted WV
8. Timothy Rutledge, Ansted WV
9. Nancy Rutledge, Ansted WV
10. Rachel Eades, Ansted WV
11. Christy Beaver, WV
12. Brian Beaver, WV
13. Paula Ramsey, WV
14. Cheryl Secrist, WV
15. Trista Dorsey, Summersville, WV
16. Chuck Compton. Logan, WV
17. Libby Compton, Logan, WV
18. Ruth Butcher, Van Lear,Ky.
19. Chester Butcher, Van Lear, Ky.
20. Gretta Mckenzie, Van Lear, Ky
21. William &Betty Harless Van Lear, Ky.
22 Ray &Georgia Eden, St Aug, FL
23. N. L. Clark, Prestonsburg, Kentucky
24. Frank Marcum. Charlotte, NC.
25. Tommy Vance. Charlotte, NC.
25. Jim Marcum. Charleston, Wv.
26. Linda Marcum. Charleston, Wv.
27. Freda Nida. Pecks Mill, Wv.
28. Carroll Barker. Pecks Mill, Wv.
29. Frank Vance. Man, Wv.
30. Mary Vance. Man, Wv.
31. Merline Vance; Pecks Mill, WV
32. Doreen Ellis, Pecks Mill, WV
33. Mike Ellis, Pecks Mill, WV
34. Meredith Dillon, Lake, WV
35. Kevin Dillon, Lake, WV
36. Sydney Gore, Lake, WV
37. Stacia Moore, Peach Creek, WV
38. Matt Moore, Peach Cree, WV
39. Renee' Johnson, Ripley, WV
40. Chad Johnson, Ripley, WV
41. David and Susie Given, St. Albans, WV
42. Mike and Doris Terry, St. Albans, WV
43. Amanda Osborn, St. Albans, WV
44. Lee Greenhowe , Dunbar, WV
45. Karen Eskew, Alum Creek, WV
46. Tricia Bass, Dunbar, WV
47. Kimberly Henderson, Charleston, WV
48. N. L. Peck, Charleston, WV
49 Lorrie Williams Dunbar WV
50.Rheba Jividen
51. Bill Dudding Butte, Montana
52. Elmer McCoy Boiling Springs Lakes, NC
53. Susie Shrader, Cedar Bluff, Va.
54. Dahnmon Whitt, Flatwoods, ky.
55. Naomi S. Joyce, Richlands, Va.
56. Mary Keene Richlands, Va
57 Beliinda Horn, Richlands,VA
58. Dirk Hall II, Tazewell, VA
59. Amanda Bailey Princeton, WV
60. Janice Bailey
61- Pamela J. Hall LU 1713 Pineville, WV
62-Harry (Butch) Sebok LU 6426 Prenter, WV
63-Patty Sebok Prenter, WV
64.Bob Jarrell
65.Herbert Stover
66.Gracie Stover
67.Betty Massey

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