Superintendent of the Mind

The Lord of Host stood as my confidant,
He went before me to the “Superintendent”,
Who sits High and Mighty on His Throne
His Light is so bright, it won’t help if my shades on.
He gave my name a brand new label,
And there are some men sitting at a big table.
I see this was in the “Supers plan,
I know someday you will understand.
He soothed my soul with a heavenly relief,
His yolk is easy to take my burden off me.
The more he blessed my soul, a view of a coal-mine,
But it all in pure gold.
A minor I am, and it might have been my intent,
Each day I became more content and confident.
So I cherished all the time we spent,
I gave you a locket for my love permanent.
The letters came from the bottom of my heart for to preserve in yours,
As the paper will tear apart.
I got to give my hat and light for a crown,
By being humble and diligent,
I was call by the “Superintendent”
He sent his Son that I may repent.
He came when I was in my consequence,
He said with him I could go,
I couldn’t resent.
He let me rest with him in my soul,
A view of a coal mine,
But it’s all in pure Gold

By Cornel M. Boyd

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