Coal Miner's Photos

Seibert Webb

Eccles, Raleigh County, WV

This is Sebert Jacob Webb, brother of Clarence and Donie Webb ( long "O" ) Clarence and Dona died at 1914 Eccles mine disastor. Their brother,Sebert.his father was Sebird Jacob Webb, is the man on the far right. I have no idea who the other man is in the photo Sebert also worked the Eccles mine with his brothers,but that day when it exploded,he went to the circus instead of to work in the Eccles mine. This saved his life or he would have been killed with the others.He did continue working the mines and died an old man. he lived at Stanaford/Lanark area in Beckley,WV.
Steve Webb
penny stamp and 1909 postmark

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