My daddy built that house in 1910
Where my brothers and I was born.
This town was different, way back then,
And the passing of it... I mourn.

They tore down my home, and all around
"Shaw Town" is no more.
An Atlantis made of Atlantic Town,
Two cemeteries moved, and more.

The Railroad moved to Maryland
And Warnick Siding is gone,
Erasing forever traces of man
And memories of our childhood torn.

Yes, we laughed and played and grew up here
Much the same as you are now.
The homes are all new and richer, too,
But it seems o.k., ... somehow.

So children, play on and enjoy it too,
Where we learned about life, now you do the same.
The Warnicks, the Virts, the Paughs and more, too;
We'll be watching as you carry on our name.

So as you play around that lake
And enjoy what progress has brought;
Look up here to Bethal where we rest
And think of what progress has wrought.

For my Step Father, Sidell Warnick, A WV Coal Miner Written by and Copyrighted by: Linda Cunningham 1981
WV Coal Mining
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