Dewey and Everett Singleton

My name is Jamie Singleton and I'm from Craigsville, WV. I lived about 10 miles from where this picture was taken. I'm not sure at what point along the Gauley River this is, but nevertheless, my grandfather and his brother are in this picture that represents, I believe, the winning of a safety award.
Dewey Singleton, my grandfather, is standing under the corner of the right eave of the building, the last row from the front on the far right. My great uncle, his brother, Everett Singleton is standing in the first row, far right; there is a man sitting on a rock just in front of him and two other men standing to the right of him. He is next to the heavy set man; also, he is holding his hands together in front of him.
Everett died at 82 years old and Dewey at 76.
Contributed by: Jamie Singleton

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