In Memory Of My Grandfather
William Harvey Riffe
Born: 1883 Died Feb 14th.1923


For nearly 20 years my grandfather tried
to make a living out of the mines
A young man he went in. A young man he died.
trying to make a living in the coal mines.

Coal Miners are a special breed
they knew death awaited, they knew not where.
They went to work, to fear they would not heed
to raise their families, was why they were there.

On February 14th 1923
My grandfather's family consisted of a wife and 7 kids to feed.
As he arose on that morning, his breakfast was made,
with a kiss from his wife, He was off for the day.

Approaching the mine as he had many times before
unaware of what would soon be in store.
He sharpened his mine auger and talked among friends
not realizing his time would soon end.

A runaway cross tie suddenly came down the hill
out of control his fate to seal.
He dodged out of the way just in time
then another hits him in the head from behind.

In an instant his life is taken away
never again to see another day.
He is missed by his Family and friends
but as for his memory there is no end.

Written and Owned by:
Bobby Riffe

Contributed by: Bobby Riffe

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