Peter Zervos

Contributed by Mary Ann Zervos

My name is Mary Ann Zervos. I live in New York and was born in GlenDale Wv. My uncle Peter Zervos worked in the coal mines in WV. He was the father of 7 children (maybe 10) his wife's name is Gerta.
I remember one day in the late l950' s early l960's we had a surprise visit from him here in NY. My father (John Zervos) and mother were shocked to see him. He said that he was in the area and decided to stop by. His day with us was over and he was heading home saying "I decided to visit you because I may never see you again".
Not too long after that, a terrible tragedy was announced on the radio here in NY. There was a coal mine accident and one man was killed, being hit by a coal bin that couldn't be stopped and pinned a man against the wall of the mine. This was my uncle Peter Zervos. The mine closed for 3 days and it was business as usual.
It is so sad that a person has to lose his life digging for coal to keep us warm. It is even sadder that a wife no longer had a husband and children, very small ones, no longer had a father to love and wait for to come home. I know that many others have lost their loved one(s) and they are never forgotten. Each time I see a coal delivery at a nearby public school, I think of my uncle and his sacrafice. However, children are warm in their school and in some states they are still warm in the homes. I thank all the miners and their families for their sacrafices and pray that in the future the lost will not be forgotten. Remember them each time you see a coal delivery, remember their families and wonder how are they today? GOD Bless to all of you miners/families.

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