This information, provided by BRIAN STUART KESTERSON, is an addendum to his 2005 book,

Campaigning with the 17th Virginia Cavalry, Night Hawks at Monocacy
page 217.

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Original material for this sketch was provided by the late, Anna Dean Casto of Wood County, West Virginia (1986) about her Uncle Henry Knopp.

"George W. Knopp was a member of the 17th Virginia Cavalry and his brother John Peter Knopp born 1847, joined the Home Guard for the North. John probably had something to do with his Uncle Henry Knopp (of the 17th Virginia Cavalry) being captured when he came home to cut fire wood for his wife and small son.

Henry was marched past his house where his wife was standing in the yard. A gun was at Henry's head. She never heard anything till he came home, thinking they probably had shot him."