Early Senators of West Virginia

Some Civil War Veterans.


Provided by Linda Cunningham Fluharty.

This image was difficult to scan because the images are actually silver and reflect the light of camera or scanner. They are actually clear to look at. Also, the edges of the image were cut off in the scan because it was too large for the scanenr bed. It measures 9 1/2 X 12 inches.

Stated at the top is "1st Senate of W. Va." These men were not the very first senators - but were early senators, for sure. Based on the identified men and their known dates of service, 1866 is the common date. Ergo, the following are pictured here (more likely than not):

Daniel Peck (3rd from left, bottom row), Isaac H. Duval (4th from left, top row), Aaron Hawkins, William Price (2nd from left 3rd row), John S. Burdett (C W - Union Army), Daniel Haymond, Edwin Maxwell, Wm. E. Stevenson (Gov), Emmett J. O'Brien, Greenberry Slack (1st in row 3), Rev. D. H. K. Dix, (5th from left, row 3), Edward D. Wright, John Cooke, Robert Hager, Col. William F. Chambers, James M. Corley, Bethel M. Kitchen, Joseph A. Chapline, James Burley (probably 2nd from left, 2nd row). The senate clerk was Ellery Hall (5th from left, bottom row).